Monday, May 09, 2005

Memorial Day Is Meant To Honor

Is Memorial Day going by the wayside? It was originally set aside to honor those who died to preserve our nation's freedom. It is important we understand that it's not for the dead, but the living that we remember them. Because they loved us enough to sacrifice their lives for our freedom, we are compelled to return that love by remembering them in a special way.

I am not a hero. The heroes are the ones we left behind on the battlefields. The price paid for ribbons and medals pales in comparison to the sacrifice of one's life.

Today, however, they remain nothing more than ghostly memories in the hearts and minds of those of us they left behind.

America's attitudes and perceptions are different today. Many Americans view the uniform with contempt. It stands to reason, therefore, that this mindset goes beyond the clothing to include the person wearing it as well.

Nature tends to cause those of like-species to band together for protection and encouragement. This is displayed by those who hold anti-military, anti-veteran, "60's flower-child" mentalities. Not only are the malcontents of this nation being drawn out of their dungheaps and mainstreamed into society, but they have now gained "politically correct" status.

We can all recall our former Commander-In-Sleeze taking photo oppportunites with "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. These are the same ilk who condemned Colonel Oliver North as an "enemy of the state."

What is this all leading us toward? To begin with, the national movement to give away veteran's hospitals is accelerating, and unfortunately the problem has trickled down to include local governments as well. A couple years ago our local city and county councils voted to no longer recognize Veterans Day.

More recently, we witnessed the attempt to remove WWII military vehicles from the County Courthouse lawn. To most, this may seem insignificant in and of itself. Of significance, however, is what took place in the hallway just outside the debates. Adjacent to the council chamber, three veterans overheard a council member say,"What the h-- do we owe veterans anyway?" Kindly allow me the opportunity to answer that question for you, madam. "You owe the veterans the fact that your native tongue is not German, Japanese, Russian, or Iraqi. That's what the h--- you owe veterans!"

Our veterans swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Our belief in "Duty, Honor, Country" affords you nay-sayers the freedom to openly display your stupidity in public.

Veterans had better wake up! Our freedoms are being stripped from us! How many wake up calls does it take before you're willing to put down your six packs, turn off Bart Simpson re-runs, and grab hold of the freedom you fought so desperately to preserve? If the combat veteran has learned anything, it's that freedom is either preserved through sacrifice or squandered through laziness and cowardice.

Are we going to remain resolute and firm in purpose in our belief of "Duty, Honor, Country" or join the local, state and national Democratic Party politicos by spitting in the faces and memories of our dead sons and daughters?



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