Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Patriotism Needed If America Is To Survive

What is patriotism? My father's generation knew well the meaning of patriotism. He grew up at a time when Americans took pride in their country and themselves. People didn't laugh at you if your eyes filled with tears at the playing of the National Anthem. In fact, people came to their feet and either joined in the singing of the National Anthem or stood in respectful silence.

Patriotism is no longer fashionable. Have you been to a 4th of July fireworks lately? When the National Anthem is played, parents just sit, laughing, joking, or reaching into their coolers for another brew while allowing their children to run around screaming. Drowned out by the crowd, the words and music become indistinguishable.

Then we have the Rosanne Barr incident. Fifty years ago everyone would have turned off their television sets in disgust. But people then had something we don't have much of today: self respect.

Today's generation, instead of taking a stand for decency, continues to keep Barr up in the ratings by tuning in their "godess of Trash" every week. Do these troglodytes think her singing the National Anthem was cute?

People say, "Why should I be patriotic? What's America ever done for me? Things are bad and getting worse all the time." Give me a break!

Don't these people realize that no other nation in the world has ever enjoyed so much freedom? Don't they know that America's standard of living is higher than any other nation's? Aren't they aware that America has fed and clothed millions of people throughout the world, including its enemies?

And if America is so bad, why is its attraction so great? Why do Haitians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Chinese and others throw their wives and babies into the ocean on flimsy make-shift plywood rafts to escape to America? It's obvious that these "boat people" don't share the view that America is the worst place in the world to live. People aren't being told the truth. Why is that?

For one thing, liberals are pushing an agenda against their worst enemy: Nationalism. Why? Very simply, people who are proud of their country are willing to fight and die for its survival. Destroy nationalism and you destroy the people's willingness to fight to preserve it. Thus, America can be taken over from within, without firing a single shot.

This same liberal agenda is behind "multi-culturalism." Rather than taking pride in ourselves as Americans, liberals teach our children that our former nationality shares equal importance with our newly acquired nationality. Future generations will be saying, "Why should I go off to war and fight for those white guys when I'm and African-American?" "Why should I defend that black guy and his family when I'm an Asian-American?" "Hey, I'm a Polish-American and I couldn't care less what those Italian-Americans think." Rather than considering ourselves simply Americans, and proud of being contributing members of American society, we make ourselves "Something-Slash Americans."

Liberals proclaim that multi-culturalism promotes racial harmony. This is rediculous! The truth is, rather than promoting harmony, this derisive trap promotes racial rancor. Would we have had problems if the people of Bosnia were all proud of being Bosnians? Of course not!

My ancestors were German, Irish and Creek (Muskogee) Indian, but I am certainly not a German-Irish-Creek Indian American. I am plain and simply an "American." Upon arrivial in America, my family gave up their German citizenship to become American citizens. I love my country and consider it an honor to be laughed at and scorned for being patriotic. I respectfully ask the question: "Is it better to be called "patriotic" or "idiotic?"



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