Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Republican Sell-Outs

We stand today at a clearly defining moment in American history. The Senate Minority has changed 215 years of Senate tradition by abusing the filibuster for the first time against judicial nominees with clear majority support. According to Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the standoff between the two parties, "Has a great deal to do with anticipation of upcoming vacancies in the United States Supreme Court." He's exactly right. I'm intrigued, then, how McCain can then bail-out and betray his Republican colleagues, virtually handing over a victory to obstructionist Democrats on such an important issue as Supreme Court nomnees.

It is very disappointing and disheartening to me, therefore, that seven disingenuous Republican Senators have stuck a "deal" that, according to Manuel Miranda, "dishonors the Constitution, ignores an election and forgets four nominees who withdrew their names as a result of Democrat obstruction:Miguel Estrada, Carolyn Kuhl, Claude Allen and Charles Pickering. It abandons nominees Saad and Myers, as well as Kavenaugh and Haynes. It leaves open the possibility of Supreme Court filibusters, sold out the American Constitution and the American people. The "deal" establishes a minority veto even smaller than the previously maintained obstruction, vesting power not in 100 senators, not in 60, not in 51, but an even smaller number of 14!"

Seven of the fourteen senators are Republicans who call themselves "centrists," painting themselves as "middle of the road." (Pardon me, but the only thing I see running down the middle of the road is a yellow streak as far as the eye can see.) I am referring, of course, to Senators Mike DeWine (Ohio), Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsay Graham (S.C.), Lincoln Chaffee (R.I.), John McCain (AZ), John Warner (VA), and Olympia Snow (Maine).

A recent WorlNetDaily poll showed that 92.5 percent of those polled thought the compromise demonstrated a real conflict of visions between the Centrists and the American public at large. Stated simply, as a direct result from their actions, a significant percentage of the American people now realize what Ronald Reagan meant when he said, "Politics is the 2nd oldest profession and similar to the oldest profession."



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