Friday, May 13, 2005

We Should Be Thankful For Our Older Citizens

America's most precious natural resource is its elderly. When I was young (and I'm not that old,) almost every family had a grandmother or grandfather living in the home with them. Grandparents were respected then, and not discarded like an old boot or smelly old pair of sox.

Parents came to rely upon grandparent's encouragement when discipline of the children were necessary. That foundational support strengthened the entire family. Also, it gave children a strong sense of who they were as individuals within the family strucure. Rather than returning home from school to a cold, empty, unsupervised environment of MTV, our generation returned home to a warm, loving family member. Today we institutionalize the grandparents, then institutionalize our children into daycare centers or let them run free in the house.

Where do today's parents turn to for support? The daycare and public education systems, of course. Pardon me, but how comfortable are you with public schools sharing your core values?
We're talking about the same school systems that dispense condoms to our children, encourage alternative lifestyles and abortion while at the same time portraying Christian parents as buffoons. Give me a break!

We need to recognize grandparents as living breathing libraries, with decades of stored knowledge and wisdom. Recognize also that public and human libraries suffer the same indignities. Rather than use them to increase our knowledge and wisdom, we stuff them into vaults (nursing homes,) expecting them to do nothing more than gather dust. No longer esteemed by society, they are regarded as non-essential, non-contributors of society and are simply filed away into tiny antiseptic chambers, to be visited once or twice a year, if at all.

Everyone understands that, if we live long enough, we will enter a nursing home. Let's not act prematurely, however, for the sake of "convenience." Those of us concerned with the lack of respect our children show toward adults and authority figures must bear full responsibility for their attitudes.

Simply stated, we are teaching our children how to treat the elderly by the examples we set for them. Therefore, this is how we can expect to be treated by our children when we ourselves become elderly. Scary, huh?



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