Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Down The Hatch !

Dear Chris,

I wanted to wait until Labor Day passed before writing to alert you to a campaign that could use your seed assistance, especially given that Rep Toomey lost to Arlen Specter by only 0.8%.

Utah State Representative and Majority Whip Steve Urquhart announced in July that he would challenge Orrin Hatch at the Utah Republican Convention in May 2006.

Newspapers and bloggers in Utah have welcomed Urquhart's challenge as a viable alternative to the fifth term senator. As the former head of the Utah county governments association, Urquhart's challenge has been well received by a wide array of Utah political leaders. Technology industry leaders like Dallas Maverick's owner Mark Cuban have also announced that they will fund any effort to unseat Mr. Hatch.

In Utah, if a candidate gets 60% of the vote at the Convention, he goes unchallenged in a primary. If no candidate gets 60%, there is a primary. In 2000, Senator Hatch barely reached 60% though challenged by a political unknown. That does not describe Urquhart. To win in 2000, Hatch promised that he would stand against embryonic stem cell harvesting, a promise he broke in 2002. You can access Rep. Urquhart's site here . This is how Mr. Urquhart describes his campaign plan.

"I need 3,000 volunteers to join the campaign by the end of this November. With this base, we can take on all the money and celebrity that are thrown at us. With 3,000 dedicated volunteers by November, the winds of change will decisively turn things our way.

We will win this election by convincing people to attend their neighborhood Republican caucus meetings the night of March 21, 2006, to vote for change. The delegates elected at those caucus meetings will attend the State Convention on May 20, 2006. There, we will get over 60% of the vote, allowing us to immediately focus our resources and attention on the November general election.

Should we fail to get over 60% at the State Convention, we will stand for the June 27, 2006, Republican primary against the candidate who received the second-most votes at the State Convention. Though a primary would involve additional time and resources, it would be a platform for us to get out our message of strength and leadership to more Utahns.

After securing the Republican nomination at convention or primary, we will win the general election in November. Then, the real campaign begins to re-establish the conservative principles on which our country was founded and to properly serve the day-to-day concerns of Utahns who need to interact with the federal government."

I invite you to consider helping Mr. Urquhart's campaign:

1) You can send him $100 or more dollars, and pass this letter to others who might do the same. .
2) You can write him and tell him you will support him and help raise more money. You can write him here: .
3) You can invite him to speak at your event.
4) You can let me know if you would like to meet him when he comes to Washington.

I hope this letter from me does not take you by surprise. Please consider helping to put a reliable and principled conservative in the Utah senate seat in 2006.

Manny Miranda



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