Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"The Dickson/Chappell Report" Special Program Guests

"The Dickson/Chappell Report"

Chris Dickson : Host

Ron Chappell: Co-Host

September 18
9:00-10:00 A.M. Jerome Corsi
Co-Authored "Unfit for Command" along with John O'Neill
Number One on New York Times Best Seller's List
September 25
9:00-9:15 A.M. U. S. Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN)

October 2
9:00-10:00 A.M. Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)
(Fifth Appearance)
October 9
9:00-10:00 A.M. CMDR Paul E. Galanti (USN Ret)
POW for seven years in "Hanoi Hilton"
10:00-11:00 A.M. MG James L. McKosky
U.S. Army Retired - A Real American Hero
October 16
9:00-10:00 A.M. Mitch Daniels
Former Director of Office of Management and Budget
Governor (R-IN)
October 23
9:00-10:00 Dr. Marvin Scott
Professor; Butler University: Candidate U.S. Senate (R-IN)
10:00-11:00 A.M. Rev. Jesse Peterson
Author: "SCAM"
October 30

10:00-11:00 A.M. J. Patrick Rooney
Chairman: Golden Rule Insurance
Former Candidate for Governor (R-IN)

November 6
9:00-10:00 Denny Hastert (R-IN)
Speaker of the House - United States Congress
The third most powerful man in American government

November 13
9:00-10:00 Rebecca Hagelin (Second Appearance)
Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Vice-President, The Heritage Foundation

November 20
9:00-10:00 Chris Hojian
Songwriter: "American Girl" movie
Television Premier on November 23rd

10:00-11:00 Michelle Malkin
Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Author: "In Defense of Internment"

December 11
9:00-10:00 LTC "Buzz" Paterson
Author: "Dereliction of Duty" and "Reckless Disregard"
Carried the nuclear "Football" for President Bill Clinton

December 18
9:00-10:00 Lizbeth Scott
Female Soloist on Mel Gibson's "Passion Of The Christ."

January 8
9:00-10:00 David Horowicz
Nationally Syndicated Columnist

January 29 Jerome Corsi
Jerry is the author of "Unfit for Command." Announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate in 2008 to replace Sen. John Kerry.

February 5 Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House - United States Congress
Announced candidate for President in 2008

Brian Lee Crawley
President: Atlantic Institute for Marketing Studies (Nova Scotia)

February 12 Russ Blaylock, M.D.
Author: "The Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-up"
Frequent guest on "The 700 Club"

February 19 Jed Babbin
Former Undersecretary of Defense - Author: "Inside the Asylum"

February 26 Mark Levin
Author: "Men In Black"

March 5 Amanda Bowman
President: Coalition for a Secure Driver's License

April 9 Amanda Banks
Federal Issues Analyst: Focus on the Family

Vince Haley
Research Director: Newt Gingrich at the American Enterprise Institute. Fox News correspondent to the Vatican and Pope John Paul II

April 16 Rebecca Hagelin
Vice President: The Heritage Foundation

April 23 David Horowitz and William Kristol
Student Violence on College Campuses

Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)

April 30 Mark Smith
Author: "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"

Rick Tyler
Communications Director for Newt Gingrich

May 7 Daniel R. Coats
Former U.S. Senator, Former American Ambassador to Germany
and, most importantly, my former boss!

David Keene
Chairman of the American Conservative Union

Col. Jim Weiskopf (USA Ret)
Vice President: Fisher House

May 14 Eric and Leslie Ludy
Authors: "Teaching True Love to a Sex-At-13-Generation"

May 21 Manuel Miranda
Former Counsel to Senator Bill Frist
Chairman: National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters

June 11 General Phil Vallely (USA Ret)
Author: "Endgame"

Brian Bosma - House Speaker - Indiana General Assembly

June 18th House Speaker Dennis Hastert
U.S. Congress

Ryan McCann - Public Policy Director: Indiana Family Institute

June 25

9:00-10:00 - Jerome Corsi
Just returning from an invitation to address Israel's Knesset

9:30-10:00 - Senator Allen Paul (R-IN)

July 9

9:00-9:30- Rebecca Hagelin

9:30-10:00 Manuel Miranda

July 16

9:00-9:30 Janet Folger - author - "The Criminalization of Christianity"

9:30-10:00 Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

July 23

9:00-9:30 - La Shawn Barber

9:30-10:00 - Edward Klein - author - "The Truth About Hillary"

July 30

9:30-10:00 Jack Cashill


Star Parker: J. C. Watts : Former U.S. Congressman
(Highlighted in my book)
Rick Santorum : U.S. Senator (R-PA)
(Highlighted in my book)
George Allen : U. S. Senator (R-VA)
(Highlighted in my book)
Roy Moore : Former Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court
(Candidate for Governor of Alabama)
Sean Hannity : Talk-Show Host
Joseph Farah : Founder -WorldNetDaily
(Writing the "Forward" to my book)


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Republican Sell-Outs

We stand today at a clearly defining moment in American history. The Senate Minority has changed 215 years of Senate tradition by abusing the filibuster for the first time against judicial nominees with clear majority support. According to Senator John McCain (R-AZ), the standoff between the two parties, "Has a great deal to do with anticipation of upcoming vacancies in the United States Supreme Court." He's exactly right. I'm intrigued, then, how McCain can then bail-out and betray his Republican colleagues, virtually handing over a victory to obstructionist Democrats on such an important issue as Supreme Court nomnees.

It is very disappointing and disheartening to me, therefore, that seven disingenuous Republican Senators have stuck a "deal" that, according to Manuel Miranda, "dishonors the Constitution, ignores an election and forgets four nominees who withdrew their names as a result of Democrat obstruction:Miguel Estrada, Carolyn Kuhl, Claude Allen and Charles Pickering. It abandons nominees Saad and Myers, as well as Kavenaugh and Haynes. It leaves open the possibility of Supreme Court filibusters, sold out the American Constitution and the American people. The "deal" establishes a minority veto even smaller than the previously maintained obstruction, vesting power not in 100 senators, not in 60, not in 51, but an even smaller number of 14!"

Seven of the fourteen senators are Republicans who call themselves "centrists," painting themselves as "middle of the road." (Pardon me, but the only thing I see running down the middle of the road is a yellow streak as far as the eye can see.) I am referring, of course, to Senators Mike DeWine (Ohio), Susan Collins (Maine), Lindsay Graham (S.C.), Lincoln Chaffee (R.I.), John McCain (AZ), John Warner (VA), and Olympia Snow (Maine).

A recent WorlNetDaily poll showed that 92.5 percent of those polled thought the compromise demonstrated a real conflict of visions between the Centrists and the American public at large. Stated simply, as a direct result from their actions, a significant percentage of the American people now realize what Ronald Reagan meant when he said, "Politics is the 2nd oldest profession and similar to the oldest profession."


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hold Politicians Accountable

Liberals bemoan change. They want to change not only government and society, but our language and the way we think. Conservatives, on the other hand, understand that "motion is not progress." In other words, you can run around in circles quaking, shaking and salivating all afternoon, but if you're not accomplishing anything, your gyrations are only producing wind.

More and more first-time conservative politicians are being elected to state and national levels because they have offered innovative solutions for solving America's ills. Have they made good on their promises? American voters are demanding they live up to their election promises by following certain principles:

  • Accountability.
The government is too big and spends too much. We need to make government more accountable and efficient, ensuring that taxpayers get their money's worth. Government needs to start working for the people and not just special interests.

  • Responsibility
Winston Churchill once said, "The price of greatness is responsibility." Government has failed the American people in its responsibility to maintain safe and secure neighborhoods. It must encourage people to become self-reliant, responsible individuals. How long will Washington continue pouring billions of dollars into the problem? Until people begin taking personal responsibility for their own actions, all the midnight basketball games in the world are not going to stop crime.

  • Opportunity
We need to restore hope for people to achieve the American dream by promoting individual liberty, economic opportunity and personal responsibility through limited and effective government and performance standards.

If our children are given hope, America won't continue seeing (to paraphrase Ralph Reed) half our high school kids dropping out of school, 30 to 40 percent of our nation born out of wedlock, half the marriages ending in divorce and our inner cities resembling the streets of Beirut.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Labor Doesn't Benefit From Anti-Business Mood

Reflecting upon America's seemingly anti-business mood, it is nothing short of biting the hand that feeds us. There are some among us who believe that we can strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. In truth, the strong pull the weak up into prosperity. A sustained, crippling attack upon the strong will eventually lead to a crippling of American society. Stated simply, the process of destroying those who pay the wages, necessarily leads to our own self-destruction.

Labor and management must begin to work together to strengthen America's position in the world. Some industries have been shut down by unions, causing the loss of countless jobs, including their own.

To my friends in labor, I ask, "Would you risk your personal savings, second mortgage your home and borrow heavily from the bank to start a new business that you knew someone else was going to profit from?" Absolutely not! We all want the rewards that compensate our own personal risks. Many of today's workers are demanding a share in the company's profits. Forgive me, but aren't we receiving a share in the profits every time we're handed our paychecks?

Government, by legislating prohibitive operating restrictions and unnecessarily stiff business taxation is also choking economic expansion. We all know that the destruction of the rich does not help the poor. Clearly, the disintegration of the Soviet Union shows what happens to a nation holding unhealty attitudes toward their wealthy members. Americans know that the wealthy pay our wages, buy homes, cars and boats. In other words, it's their purchasing power that generates jobs for all of us.

Ronald Reagan once said, "A rising tide floats all boats." Pride within the labor force enhances management's position to make a profit. Likewise, strong company profits expand the economy, thus creating additional jobs. Like it or not, our survival depends upon one another, both labor and management, working together.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Abortion Destroys Peace

Imagine waking up in the morning to the newspapers headlines, "Nine American cities completely wiped out! No one left alive in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Philladelphia, Detroit, St. Louis or Atlanta."

We saw America's reaction to 9/11 and its aftermath. It's hard to imagine how angry American's would be if these headlines were true. Men, women and children would be lining up to join the armed forces to strike back at the enemy. What enemy is that? Is it China, Afghanistan, or Iraq? What massive firepower must the enemy have employed to inflict such destruction, atomic bombs, biological warfare or perhaps nerve agents? It was none of these. It was abortion.

As of 1996, Americans had slaughtered 32 million innocents, the equivalent of nine major U.S. cities.

Mother Teresa said that If we can accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people that killing is wrong? After all, any country that accepts abortion is not teaching its people love, but to use whatever violence necessary to get what they want.

Sure, everyone's concerned for the children of Indiana and Africa, where thousands of children are dying of hunger and disease every day. Many people are concerned with the violence in our streets and classrooms as well. These concerns are good, but all too often these same people aren't the least bit concerned by those being killed by the deliberate decisions of their own mothers. This is the greatest destroyer of peace today - abortion - which brings people to such blindness.

Does abortion destroy peace and cause blindness toward the sick, the hungry and the naked? Of course it does, when life is regarded so lightly and its disposal becomes so trivial, so clinical, so easy. After all, why should people or nations regard human life as noble or dignified if abortion flourishes? Why agonize over indiscriminate deaths in Bosnia when babies are being killed far more efficiently and out of sight of TV cameras?

Just imagine, the populations of all those major cities combined - all dead. Who is left to cry?


Friday, May 13, 2005

Cut the National Endowment for the Arts

A couple years ago, furor erupted over a tasteless art exhibit at the Richmond (Indiana) Art Museum. Several local ministers and parents protested the exhibit because they felt it was inappropriate. Especially irksome was that the tasteless exhibit was within the local high school building.

The person in charge of the exhibit announced to the public that no amount of outrage would close the display. The opposition to this art exhibit was portrayed by many in the media as those less educated, less refined, narrow minded backwoods folk who were incapable of appreciating true art. For the next few weeks you couldn't open the newspaper without reading an article from one of these defenders of smut, whining, sniffling and shrieking in terror because of those "imposers of morality and underminers of the Constitution."

Had these cultural virtuoso's (along with local college students holding similar views) shown more responsibility toward community values and good taste, they would not be feeling the backlash they are continuing to experience today. They have done this to themselves. What a shame they didn't recognize that good citizens would be outraged by their lack to common-sense values and wholesome beliefs.

Most of us realize that artistic creativity is not measured by one's capacity to shock and outrage. Not everyone believes there is any redeeming value in a crucifix dropped into a jar of urine or the American Flag stretched out on the floor for people to trample over.

These purveyors of smut were given an opportunity- and with that opportunity came responsibility- to nuture love, respect and appreciation for art. Because they failed in their civic duty, American's are justifiably outraged. Fortunately we now have members of Congress who believe the National Endowment for the Arts has misused tax dollars and are taking action to correct this injustice. I can only hope that by having their funding cut they will have learned a lesson as to what "responsibility" means, but somehow I doubt it.


We Should Be Thankful For Our Older Citizens

America's most precious natural resource is its elderly. When I was young (and I'm not that old,) almost every family had a grandmother or grandfather living in the home with them. Grandparents were respected then, and not discarded like an old boot or smelly old pair of sox.

Parents came to rely upon grandparent's encouragement when discipline of the children were necessary. That foundational support strengthened the entire family. Also, it gave children a strong sense of who they were as individuals within the family strucure. Rather than returning home from school to a cold, empty, unsupervised environment of MTV, our generation returned home to a warm, loving family member. Today we institutionalize the grandparents, then institutionalize our children into daycare centers or let them run free in the house.

Where do today's parents turn to for support? The daycare and public education systems, of course. Pardon me, but how comfortable are you with public schools sharing your core values?
We're talking about the same school systems that dispense condoms to our children, encourage alternative lifestyles and abortion while at the same time portraying Christian parents as buffoons. Give me a break!

We need to recognize grandparents as living breathing libraries, with decades of stored knowledge and wisdom. Recognize also that public and human libraries suffer the same indignities. Rather than use them to increase our knowledge and wisdom, we stuff them into vaults (nursing homes,) expecting them to do nothing more than gather dust. No longer esteemed by society, they are regarded as non-essential, non-contributors of society and are simply filed away into tiny antiseptic chambers, to be visited once or twice a year, if at all.

Everyone understands that, if we live long enough, we will enter a nursing home. Let's not act prematurely, however, for the sake of "convenience." Those of us concerned with the lack of respect our children show toward adults and authority figures must bear full responsibility for their attitudes.

Simply stated, we are teaching our children how to treat the elderly by the examples we set for them. Therefore, this is how we can expect to be treated by our children when we ourselves become elderly. Scary, huh?


Thursday, May 12, 2005

Church Duped Into Communism

I am appalled by the naivete of our Church being duped into anti-Christian communism. Liberation theology is a threat to free society by its undermining of the Church and its magisterium through attempting to redefine moral issues (changing the Gospel to support theology opposed to shaping theology as a result of the Gospel.)

Ignorance is not bliss and unless we familiarize ourselves with the dangers, then future generations will demand answers as to why we threw away our freedom in lieu of communism.

To quote Gustavo Gutierrez (the "father" of liberation theology,) "There is no evil in being subversive, struggling against the capitalist system...Liberation leads to reinterpreting the Gospel...As I have witnessed the power of Marxism to provide motivation for a life of service where none existed before, I have come to a new appreciation of this part of my own history. I cannot settle for any story of America that fails to give a central place to this vision."

Again, Roger Garaudy (one of France's foremost Marxist intellectuals) wrote, "Socialism is a traditional stage in the passage from capitalism to communism." Also, "When the established order involves such injustice that millions of men are exploited, oppressed, mutilated, and humiliated by this order, a revolution, even armed revolution, can be less costly and in the long run less 'violent' than this established disorder, which has become pure violence. Of this, incidentally, many Christians are today becoming conscious, including, for example, even priests and bishops in Latin America."

Charles E. Curran, no longer permitted by the Church to teach moral theology at Catholic universities, has stated,"Questions arise in the light of both the importance and the limitations of Scriptures. In the light of the most striking development has been the emergence of dissent within the Roman Catholic theological community from the teachings of the hierarchical magisterium on specific moral issues."

One cannot help but feel an air of approval when local archdiocesan newspapers print articles written by these people. Already we have seen a swing by our priests and educators away from the Church's doctrine of "norma normans non normata"(the Scriptures being the norm above all other norms by which all norms are taken) and are thus shown to question the Scripture's relevance in our daily lives.

Perhaps we need to seek the definition of a couple terms which seem to have taken on good and bad connotations in complete reversal of their intended meanings:

First of all, the term orthodoxy means "right praise," or consistency with the faith of the Church as embodied in Sacred Scripture, the Fathers, official teachings and the liturgy.

Libertaion theology, on the other hand, is defined as a new type of theology which emphasizes the motif of liberation in both Old and New Testaments and which reinterprets all doctrines in terms of that motif. Forms of liberation theology include Latin American, black and feminist.

Jesus "liberated" all of us from the bonds of oppression. Rather than reinterpreting the Gospel, perhaps we would be better served to "live it." This idea may not be popular with some in the Church today, but by returning to the basics of our faith, we will be truly liberated through the instruction of Sacred Scriptures if only we would accept Jesus as the catalyst of our lives.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More Patriotism Needed If America Is To Survive

What is patriotism? My father's generation knew well the meaning of patriotism. He grew up at a time when Americans took pride in their country and themselves. People didn't laugh at you if your eyes filled with tears at the playing of the National Anthem. In fact, people came to their feet and either joined in the singing of the National Anthem or stood in respectful silence.

Patriotism is no longer fashionable. Have you been to a 4th of July fireworks lately? When the National Anthem is played, parents just sit, laughing, joking, or reaching into their coolers for another brew while allowing their children to run around screaming. Drowned out by the crowd, the words and music become indistinguishable.

Then we have the Rosanne Barr incident. Fifty years ago everyone would have turned off their television sets in disgust. But people then had something we don't have much of today: self respect.

Today's generation, instead of taking a stand for decency, continues to keep Barr up in the ratings by tuning in their "godess of Trash" every week. Do these troglodytes think her singing the National Anthem was cute?

People say, "Why should I be patriotic? What's America ever done for me? Things are bad and getting worse all the time." Give me a break!

Don't these people realize that no other nation in the world has ever enjoyed so much freedom? Don't they know that America's standard of living is higher than any other nation's? Aren't they aware that America has fed and clothed millions of people throughout the world, including its enemies?

And if America is so bad, why is its attraction so great? Why do Haitians, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Chinese and others throw their wives and babies into the ocean on flimsy make-shift plywood rafts to escape to America? It's obvious that these "boat people" don't share the view that America is the worst place in the world to live. People aren't being told the truth. Why is that?

For one thing, liberals are pushing an agenda against their worst enemy: Nationalism. Why? Very simply, people who are proud of their country are willing to fight and die for its survival. Destroy nationalism and you destroy the people's willingness to fight to preserve it. Thus, America can be taken over from within, without firing a single shot.

This same liberal agenda is behind "multi-culturalism." Rather than taking pride in ourselves as Americans, liberals teach our children that our former nationality shares equal importance with our newly acquired nationality. Future generations will be saying, "Why should I go off to war and fight for those white guys when I'm and African-American?" "Why should I defend that black guy and his family when I'm an Asian-American?" "Hey, I'm a Polish-American and I couldn't care less what those Italian-Americans think." Rather than considering ourselves simply Americans, and proud of being contributing members of American society, we make ourselves "Something-Slash Americans."

Liberals proclaim that multi-culturalism promotes racial harmony. This is rediculous! The truth is, rather than promoting harmony, this derisive trap promotes racial rancor. Would we have had problems if the people of Bosnia were all proud of being Bosnians? Of course not!

My ancestors were German, Irish and Creek (Muskogee) Indian, but I am certainly not a German-Irish-Creek Indian American. I am plain and simply an "American." Upon arrivial in America, my family gave up their German citizenship to become American citizens. I love my country and consider it an honor to be laughed at and scorned for being patriotic. I respectfully ask the question: "Is it better to be called "patriotic" or "idiotic?"


Monday, May 09, 2005

Memorial Day Is Meant To Honor

Is Memorial Day going by the wayside? It was originally set aside to honor those who died to preserve our nation's freedom. It is important we understand that it's not for the dead, but the living that we remember them. Because they loved us enough to sacrifice their lives for our freedom, we are compelled to return that love by remembering them in a special way.

I am not a hero. The heroes are the ones we left behind on the battlefields. The price paid for ribbons and medals pales in comparison to the sacrifice of one's life.

Today, however, they remain nothing more than ghostly memories in the hearts and minds of those of us they left behind.

America's attitudes and perceptions are different today. Many Americans view the uniform with contempt. It stands to reason, therefore, that this mindset goes beyond the clothing to include the person wearing it as well.

Nature tends to cause those of like-species to band together for protection and encouragement. This is displayed by those who hold anti-military, anti-veteran, "60's flower-child" mentalities. Not only are the malcontents of this nation being drawn out of their dungheaps and mainstreamed into society, but they have now gained "politically correct" status.

We can all recall our former Commander-In-Sleeze taking photo oppportunites with "Hanoi Jane" Fonda. These are the same ilk who condemned Colonel Oliver North as an "enemy of the state."

What is this all leading us toward? To begin with, the national movement to give away veteran's hospitals is accelerating, and unfortunately the problem has trickled down to include local governments as well. A couple years ago our local city and county councils voted to no longer recognize Veterans Day.

More recently, we witnessed the attempt to remove WWII military vehicles from the County Courthouse lawn. To most, this may seem insignificant in and of itself. Of significance, however, is what took place in the hallway just outside the debates. Adjacent to the council chamber, three veterans overheard a council member say,"What the h-- do we owe veterans anyway?" Kindly allow me the opportunity to answer that question for you, madam. "You owe the veterans the fact that your native tongue is not German, Japanese, Russian, or Iraqi. That's what the h--- you owe veterans!"

Our veterans swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Our belief in "Duty, Honor, Country" affords you nay-sayers the freedom to openly display your stupidity in public.

Veterans had better wake up! Our freedoms are being stripped from us! How many wake up calls does it take before you're willing to put down your six packs, turn off Bart Simpson re-runs, and grab hold of the freedom you fought so desperately to preserve? If the combat veteran has learned anything, it's that freedom is either preserved through sacrifice or squandered through laziness and cowardice.

Are we going to remain resolute and firm in purpose in our belief of "Duty, Honor, Country" or join the local, state and national Democratic Party politicos by spitting in the faces and memories of our dead sons and daughters?


Thursday, May 05, 2005

"The Dickson/Chappell Report" Past Radio Talk Show Guests

Chris Dickson "The Dickson/Chappell Report"
Past Guests

Phil Burress
Executive Director: Citizens for Community Values
David McIntosh
Former U. S. Congressman.
Gubernatorial Candidate (R-IN)
Dianne Angilella
Executive Director - Birthright
Micah Clark
Executive Director, Indiana American Family Association
Dr. Marvin Scott
Professor - Butler University
Candidate for United States Senate (R-IN)
Mitch Daniels
Former Head - Office of Management and Budget under President George W. Bush. Gubernatorial Candidate (R-IN)
Mike Pence U. S. Congressman (R-IN)
(Four Appearances)
Curt Smith
Executive Director - Indiana Family Institute (Focus on the Family)
George Witwer
Owner and Publisher - Bluffton News Banner
Former Gubernatorial Candidate (R-IN)
Jim Shella
WISH TV8 Indianapolis Television - News Anchor
Rev. Joseph Eutenuer
President: Human Life International
Rev. Jesse Peterson
Author "SCAM" number 17 in New York Times Best Seller List (Three Appearances)
Russ Pullium
Editor - Indianapolis Star
Grandson of Eugene Pullium,
Cousin of Former Vice President Dan Quayle.
John Debney
Wrote the musical score for Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ"
M.G. James L. McKosky
Three tours of duty in Vietnam (Highly Decorated)
(Four Appearances)
J. Edward Pawlick
Author, "Libel by New York Times"
Rick Tyler
Director - Media Relations for Gingrich Communications
President - Tyler Speakers . Com
Rebecca Hagelin
Nationally Syndicated Columnist
Vice President: The Heritage Foundation (Two Appearances)
Lisbeth Scott
Female Soloist in Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" (Two Appearances)
Dan Burton U. S. Congressman (R-IN)
Hon Joe Kernon Governor (D-IN)
Hon. Evan Bayh U.S. Senator (D-IN)

Former Governor (D-IN)
"Short List" for Candidate - Vice President of the United States
Bill Forstchen
Co-Author with Newt Gingrich "Gettysburg" and "Grant Comes East"
LTC Robt. Buzz Peterson
Former Presidential Aide to President Bill Clinton
Author of "Dereliction of Duty" and "Reckless Disregard" (NYT Best Seller's List)
John E. O'Neill
Author of "Unfit for Command" #1 on NYT Best Seller's List
Swift Boat Commander who replaced John Kerry


National Coalition To End Judicial Filibusters

National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters:A Letter to Senate Leadership

The Honorable William H. Frist, M.D.
The Honorable Mitch McConnell
The Honorable Rick Santorum
The Honorable Jon Kyl
The Honorable Elizabeth Dole
The Honorable Arlen Specter
United States SenateU.S. CapitolWashington, DC

April 4, 2005

Dear Senators:

As the representatives of millions of American voices, we write to ask you to end the judicial filibusters at the earliest possible moment and well before a Supreme Court vacancy should occur.

We believe that short of a compromise that guarantees an up or down vote at the end of debate, the Constitutional Options available to you will serve to honor the Constitution, restore Senate tradition, and protect judicial independence.

We believe that generations of Americans are called at moments to lay foundations for the future, and that this is one such moment.

The independence of the judiciary was a core reason for our national birth. The threat to the judicial independence was high among the grievances that our Founding Fathers listed to King George III in the Declaration of Independence. The Framers firmly established an independent judiciary, but one subject to a written Constitution and the checks and balances of the other branches that it prescribes.

In recent times, partisan special interests have threatened judicial independence again by inserting ideology into the Senate confirmation process of federal judges. Now the Minority has changed 215 years of Senate tradition by abusing the filibuster for the first time against nominees with clear majority support.

The Senate must act as steward of the federal courts by returning the power to confirm judges to the Constitution's simple majority requirement. While it is the right of the President to expect the Senate to give Advice and Consent within a reasonable period of time, it is the duty of every Senator to offer Advice and Consent through an honest, up or down vote.

Moreover, the unprecedented abuse of the filibuster is a device intended to undermine the prerogatives of the Presidency as well as the tradition of the Senate. It must not stand. You must not waver. The President, this President, must have the freedom to nominate appellate judges and Supreme Court justices who will restore the courts to their constitutional role.

We are convinced that the proof of history is overwhelming that the Constitutional Options are a conservative response that do not threaten but will restore Senate debate rules and tradition.

As you know, the right of unlimited debate in the Senate ended in 1917 when President Wilson demanded that the Senate not filibuster matters of national security. The Senate adopted the "cloture" rule. The last amendment to that rule came in 1975 …quot; thirty years ago. For three decades, there has been a broad consensus supporting 60-vote threshold to end debate, at least for legislative filibusters. In 1995, nineteen (19) Democrat senators voted to end debate after three weeks with a 51 vote threshold. That proposal's purpose was to limit the legislative filibuster. Senate Republicans were a new majority that year, but unanimously opposed the change. The Democratic leadership and a majority of Senate Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the proposal.

That failed vote in 1995 and the absence of any other amendment efforts for three decades is ample evidence of bipartisan agreement to preserve the legislative filibuster, demonstrating a two-century-old consensus. Clearly, however, the partisan abuse of the cloture rule in the last Congress to obstruct honest votes on judicial nominees has fractured the consensus as to filibusters on nominations.

We understand that Article I of the Constitution allows the Senate to adopt rules for itself, but that right belongs to this Senate as much as it did to the first Senate. We call for a restoration of Senate traditions, returning to the majority vote on Advice and Consent the Constitution mandates.

We ask you also to put partisan advantage aside. While there is no doubt that the Minority's filibusters have helped Republicans win recent elections, we are certain that Republicans will do the right thing for themselves and the Nation by ending the partisan obstruction now.

We call on the Senate Leadership and the Republican Majority to end the filibusters on appellate nominees and well before a Supreme Court vacancy occurs.


C. Boyden Gray, Committee for Justice
Kay R. Daly, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Harvey Tettlebaum, Republican National Lawyers Association
David A. Keene, American Conservative Union
Gary L. Bauer, American Values
Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
Paul Weyrich, Free Congress Foundation
Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family
James D. Daly, Focus on the Family
Tony Perkins, Family Research Council
James J. Fotis, Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Chuck Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries
Mark Earley, Prison Fellowship Ministries
Connie Mackey, Family Research Council
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What Next, A Vial Of Acid Or A Gun?

Ideally, students should be exposed to a variety of opposing views with reference to social, political and economic issues that expands their vision and enriches their college experience. Unfortunately, on most college campuses today, the main guest speakers are nothing more than mere inculcations of the university's philosophies, thus starving and suffocating free thought while promoting single-minded intolerance to the views of others.

It's a disappointment to me that when someone demonstrates a clear conflict of visions, the talk fades precipitously and following closely on its heels are physical and verbal assaults. As example, Ann Coulter was jeered off the stage of Earlham College in 2000. Then a couple months ago she became the physical target of a student at the University of Arizona. Within the past month we have seen Pat Buchanon, William Kristol and David Horowitz all being physically assaulted while speaking on colleges campuses.

How can this disingenuous behavior, eradicating any vestige of civility, be thwarted?
First, the students themselves, who appear to be satisfied with achieving low intellectual content, and who shun the rigors of free thought and free speech, share in the blame.

Second, the tone must be set by university leadership at its highest levels. More and more, today's student articulates what is in the hearts and minds of an overwhelming majority of college educators (monkey see, monkey do.) And the academic community is in denial of the extraordinary seriousness of this situation.

As the debate goes forward, I hope we begin to talk in terms of civility and mutual respect toward those whom appose our political, sociological and economic views. Otherwise, I fear we can we expect an escalation in future assaults as students take on an ever increasing flavor of violent behavior, eventually trading pies for a vile of acid or a concealed weapon.

William Kristol and David Horowitz were both guests on our radio program on Saturday morning, April 23rd, to discuss these issues.

Christopher L. Dickson