Friday, July 29, 2005

Dr. D. James Kennedy Special Guest on "The Dickson/Chappell Report"

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Dr. D. James Kennedy is now scheduled as our special guest on "The Dickson/Chappell Report" tomorrow, July 30th, 2005 from 9:30-10:00 A.M. Central Time.

Dr. Kennedy will be preceded from 9:00-9:30 A.M. by Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee John G.Roberts Being Attacked By NARAL



The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (now known as NARAL Pro-Choice America) opposes SupremeCourt nominee, John G. Roberts and is urging its members to contact their senators to oppose his confirmation!

Today (July 28), thousands of phones are ringing in Senate offices across Capitol Hill.

Chris, we must counter NARAL's "Call-in Day" withan even stronger cry of our own!

Today, please commit to calling your two senators, urging them to support the President's nomination of Judge Roberts, identifying yourself as a member of the Center forReclaiming Christ. Please say that you are calling to urge the senator to support the confirmation of John Robertsand his desire to honor and uphold the Constitution.

Finally, be sure to mention that you are following this issue closely and will be monitoring how the senatorvotes on Roberts' confirmation.

Answer the Call TODAY!!!

Today is the opening round; we must be mobilized and readyto counter NARAL's far-reaching radical rhetoric aimed atblocking any of the President's pro-family, pro-faith nominees.Their goal is not the betterment of America, but the development of a subversive counter-culture that undermines and destroys the very principles our nation was founded upon!

Please take action with us TODAY (July 28), and call your two senators!IT IS VITAL THAT YOU CALL!

After calling, please forward this message to your familyand friends--urging them to follow your lead.

During this critical period in our nation's history, our voices must be heard!

Thank you in advance for standing up for faith and freedom!

Center for Reclaiming America
Dr. D. James Kennedy
Coral Ridge Ministries


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Senator Bill Frist on Securing America's Borders


I wanted to reach out to you about an issue you'll be hearing a lot about in the days and months ahead...the security of our borders.

We are facing a crisis.

Over 7,000 miles of land span our borders; 330 million non-citizens flow through those borders every alarming number of them illegally.

Make no mistake, most of the people crossing our borders illegally do so for one simple reason:

They are coming to America in search of opportunity and prosperity and a better life.

That's why they risk their lives...and, sadly, some even lose their lives to get here.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants died last year in the deserts and mountains that separate the United States from Mexico.

Now more than ever, as a matter of law, as a humanitarian matter, as a matter of national security, we must protect our nation's borders.


-Deploy more patrol agents and investigators to our borders.
-Equip these professionals with the very best equipment and technology available.
-Build an enduring infrastructure -- frontline defenses -- that will protect our borders for years to come.

These are just a few of the steps that will secure America's borders.
Because when we enhance the security of our borders, we increase the safety of our citizens and all who set foot on American soil.

As this is an issue of such profound importance, I would like to hear your opinion on the matter.

I look forward to your response.

Bill Frist, M.D.
Senate Majority Leader


Friday, July 22, 2005

Senator Bill Frist sponsors "Support Our Scouts Act 2005" To Save The Boy Scouts From The ACLU


Just hours ago, I introduced an amendment to the Defense Authorization Bill ... "Support Our Scouts Act of 2005."

You may recall that I wrote to you about this subject a few months ago. I wanted to give you an update ...

Earlier this month, an appeals court judge declared Pentagon support for the Boy Scouts of America major gathering -- the National Scout Jamboree -- unconstitutional.


Well, in the words of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) -- who petitioned the court: the Scouts require members to "privately exercise their religious faith as directed by their families and religious advisors."

That, they argued, was a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment (separation of church and state).

Sadly, the court agreed.

You're probably wondering what takes place at the National Scout Jamboree ... just what it is that had the ACLU so aghast.

An American tradition, the National Scout Jamboree is a gathering of over 40,000 people -- scouts, moms and dads -- at Ft. A.P. Hill in Virginia (a military base). They come together every four years and learn important skills, such as canoeing, leathercraft, land navigation, first aid, and survival skills.

They also come together to celebrate their bedrock values. They talk about patriotism; they talk about public service; they talk about conservation; they talk about civic virtue; and they talk about faith.

No specific denomination, mind you, but rather the mere acknowledgment of a higher power.
That was enough to set the ACLU attack machine in motion; they put this venerable organization in their crosshairs.

Once again, the ACLU sued the Boy Scouts of America.

This is an organization -- the Boy Scouts of America -- whose motto reads (in part): "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country ..."

They gather -- as I once did, as my three sons did, as more than 40 members of the United States Senate and 150 members of the House of Representatives did -- to talk about principles.
Principles like honesty, integrity, and character.

My friends, the Boy Scouts of America produce good kids ... the true leaders of tomorrow.
They've been doing it proudly since 1910.

And it's a sad day when we need to enact legislation to enable them to keep doing it ... particularly at a time when we face such unprecedented challenges at home and abroad.
As they say, America's greatness is determined by our goodness.

Well, let me tell you, these kids are as good as it gets. They make us proud.

And we need to stand up for them.

My amendment does the following:

It makes clear that the Congress regards the Boy Scouts of America to be a "youth organization," not a religious organization.

It asserts the view of Congress that government support of the National Scout Jamboree (by the Defense Department) helps with the training of our armed forces.

It removes ANY DOUBT that federal agencies may welcome Scouts to hold meetings and go camping on federal property.

I believe this amendment will receive broad, bipartisan support in both the Senate and the House, and that it will pass this year.

And I hope you will join me in standing up for the Boy Scouts of America by calling your Senators and Representatives and asking them to support the "Support Our Scouts Act of 2005."

As for me, I hope to proudly be among those attending their annual Jamboree next week.

Bill Frist, M.D.
Senate Majority Leader


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Edward Klein, author of "The Truth About Hillary" to appear on "The Dickson/Chappell Report" July 23rd from 9:30-10:00 A.M.

Click on Hillary's picture on the right side of this page to order your copy of "The Truth About Hillary" from

Breaking: NewsMax has learned that Edward Klein's "Truth About Hillary" will hit the New York Times top ten bestseller list for the fourth week in a row! This is enormous news considering the media ban on his book - and it also counters claims by the New York Times and Hillary's camp that interest in the book is "The mainstream media is applying a double standard when it comes to Edward Klein's bombshell new book about Hillary Clinton, charges syndicated columnist Brent Bozell.

Bozell, president of Media Research Center, writes in his latest column that for months, "the scuttlebutt had it that New York Times best-selling author Edward Klein was in the final stages of a blockbuster expose of the former first lady, the likes of which could derail her 2008 presidential aspirations.

"'The Truth About Hillary' is out now, and it has lived up to its billing in the fireworks department."

But, Bozell points out, the media has imposed a virtual boycott on coverage of the book.
"Ed Klein is persona non grata," says Bozell. "What gives?" Critics are denouncing the book for what they see as salacious material, and decry its unsubstantiated charges.

Talk show host Joe Scarborough has said: "I just applied the Kitty Kelley test. If it was inappropriate to have Kitty Kelley on because of unsubstantiated charges, it would be inappropriate to have Ed Klein on."

But the mainstream media's refusal to interview Klein "is an exercise in hypocrisy," according to Bozell. "If they applied that Kitty Kelley test on themselves today, consistency would demand coverage for Klein's book on Hillary tomorrow."

In 1991, Kelley released "Nancy Reagan: The Unauthorized Biography," which featured some of the very same charges with the same lack of substantiation, Bozell reports.

But the New York Times "saw fit to print not a book review but an actual news story on the book - on Page One, no less," he writes.

Newsweek media critic also wrote about the book, acknowledging that "despite her wretched excesses, Kelley has the core of the story right."

Eleanor Clift of Newsweek called the expose of Nancy Reagan "a contribution to contemporary history."

And Mark Phillips of "CBS Evening News" said in a report on Kelley's biography: "Is the stuff in the book true or just vindictive tales? Who knows? Who cares?"

Bozell concludes: "That's the point. When there are juicy stories about the personal lives of conservatives - a convicted drug dealer accuses Dan Quayle of doing drugs; Anita Hill accuses Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment; George Bush 41 is accused of having an extramarital affair; Bush 43 is a coke head - they merit immediate national news coverage."

As to the authenticity of the charges, who knows? Who cares? But when the subject is Hillary, that cavalier attitude... disappears."


Friday, July 15, 2005

Guests on "The Dickson/Chappell Report"

September 18
9:00-10:00 A.M.
Jerome Corsi
Co-Authored "Unfit for Command" along with John O'Neill
Number One on New York Times Best Seller's List

September 25
9:00-9:15 A.M.
U. S. Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN)

October 2
9:00-10:00 A.M.
Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)
(Fifth Appearance)

October 9
9:00-10:00 A.M.
CMDR Paul E. Galanti (USN Ret)
POW for seven years in "Hanoi Hilton"
10:00-11:00 A.M.
MG James L. McKosky
U.S. Army Retired - A Real American Hero

October 16
9:00-10:00 A.M.
Mitch Daniels
Former Director of Office of Management and Budget
Governor (R-IN)

October 23
Dr. Marvin Scott
Professor; Butler University: Candidate U.S. Senate (R-IN)
10:00-11:00 A.M.
Rev. Jesse Peterson
Author: "SCAM"

October 30
10:00-11:00 A.M.
J. Patrick Rooney
Chairman: Golden Rule Insurance
Former Candidate for Governor (R-IN)

November 6
Denny Hastert (R-IN)
Speaker of the House - United States CongressThe third most powerful man in American government

November 13
Rebecca Hagelin
(Second Appearance)
Nationally Syndicated ColumnistVice-President, The Heritage Foundation

November 20
Chris Hojian
Songwriter: "American Girl" movieTelevision Premier on November 23rd
Michelle Malkin
Nationally Syndicated ColumnistAuthor: "In Defense of Internment"

December 119:00-10:00
LTC Robert "Buzz" Paterson
Author: "Dereliction of Duty" and "Reckless Disregard"
Carried the nuclear "Football" for President Bill Clinton

December 18
Lizbeth Scott
Female Soloist on Mel Gibson's "Passion Of The Christ."

January 8
David Horowitz
Nationally Syndicated Columnist

January 29
Jerome Corsi
Jerry is the author of "Unfit for Command."
Announcing his candidacy for the United States Senate in 2008 to replace Sen. John Kerry.

February 5
Newt Gingrich
Former Speaker of the House - United States CongressAnnounced candidate for President in 2008

Brian Lee Crawley
President: Atlantic Institute for Marketing Studies (Nova Scotia)

February 12
Russ Blaylock, M.D.
Author: "The Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-up"Frequent guest on "The 700 Club"

February 19
Jed Babbin
Former Undersecretary of Defense - Author: "Inside the Asylum"

February 26
Mark Levin
Author: "Men In Black"

March 5
Amanda Bowman
President: Coalition for a Secure Driver's License

April 9
Amanda Banks
Federal Issues Analyst: Focus on the Family
Vince Haley
Research Director: Newt Gingrich at the American Enterprise Institute. Fox News correspondent to the Vatican and Pope John Paul II

April 16
Rebecca Hagelin
Vice President: The Heritage Foundation

April 23
David Horowitz and William Kristol
Student Violence on College Campuses
Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)

April 30
Mark Smith
Author: "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy"
Rick Tyler
Communications Director for Newt Gingrich

May 7
Daniel R. Coats
Former U.S. Senator, Former American Ambassador to Germanyand, most importantly, my former boss!
David Keene
Chairman of the American Conservative Union
Col. Jim Weiskopf (USA Ret)
Vice President: Fisher House

May 14
Eric and Leslie Ludy
Authors: "Teaching True Love to a Sex-At-13-Generation"

May 21
Manuel Miranda
Former Counsel to Senator Bill FristChairman: National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters

June 11
General Phil Vallely (USA Ret)
Author: "Endgame"
Brian Bosma
House Speaker - Indiana General Assembly

June 18th
House Speaker Dennis Hastert
U.S. Congress
Ryan McCann
Public Policy Director: Indiana Family Institute

June 25
Jerome Corsi
AuthorJust returning from an invitation to address Israel's Knesset
Senator Allen Paul (R-IN)

July 9
Rebecca Hagelin
Manuel Miranda

July 16
Janet Folger
Author - "The Criminalization of Christianity"
Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO)

July 23
La Shawn Barber
Edward Klein
Author - "The Truth About Hillary"

July 30
Ltc. Robert "Buzz" Patterson
Just returned from "The Truth Now" tour to Iraq
Dr. D. James Kennedy

August 6

Dr. Morris Chafitz
"Big Fat Liars"

Don Swarthout
Christians Reviving America's Values

August 13

Jack Cashill
Author: "Hoodwinked"

September 10
Rebecca Haglein

September 17
Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN)

Kenneth Blackwell
Secretary of State - Ohio
Gubernatorial Candidate

September 24
Rick Tyler
Radio Talk show Host - RighTalk


Star Parker
Congressman J. C. Watts
Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA)
Senator George Allen (R-VA)
Roy Moore
Former Chief Justice Alabama Supreme Court(Candidate for Governor of Alabama)
Sean Hannity
Talk-Show Host
Joseph Farah
Founder -WorldNetDaily(Writing the "Forward" to my book)


Evan Bayh Flirts With Run For Presidency

If he looks like a presidential candidate, talks like a presidential candidate, and is pounding the pavement and the flesh in New Hampshire, can there be much doubt about the intentions of Indiana' junior senator, Democrat Evan Bayh?

Bayh is being transparently coy about his intentions, allowing in remarks to reporters that he is doing "those practical things that you would expect to keep that open as an option, if it makes sense when the time comes."

For most of us, that time seems like a long time off. The next presidential election rolls around in November of 2008.

Long before 2008 Bayh's ability to draw crowds and raise funds -- even if for other Democratic Party candidates -- will go a long way toward determining whether he tosses the proverbial hat into the ring of presidential hopefuls. Many suspect he is testing vice presidential possibilities.

Indiana's junior senator is no doubt finding receptive audiences for his message of energy independence. A recurring criticism of the Bush Administration includes Bayh telling audiences that one mistake President Bush made after the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks was not calling for a declaration of energy independence.

Bayh can speak with some history on the issue of energy independence. His father, Birch Bayh, was a leading Senate advocate of ethanol production many years back, and helped Indiana position itself as a leader in production of this fuel derived from grain.

However, Evan Bayh's greater strength -- the perception that he is a Democratic moderate and political centrist -- may prove less valuable during a long, grueling primary campaign. For both Republicans and Democrats, primary contests have a tendency to exaggerate the importance of the parties' fringes rather than their middles.

It's all pretty early yet, as noted previously. But so long as Evan Bayh flirts with seeking his party's nomination, the distant 2008 presidential race may prove more interesting for many Hoosiers to watch.

Originally published July 15, 2005 Palladium-Item Richmond, IN


Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bill Clinton: Hillary Held to Double Standard On Abortion

Bill Clinton: Hillary Held to Double Standard on Abortion

Former President Clinton, defending his senator-wife's statements on abortion, said Wednesday that Democrats are held to a double standard.

The comment came during remarks to Campus Progress, a left-leaning student group. He said young people in his party should speak directly to conservative voters.

He contended that Republicans have defined the abortion debate in a way that boxes in Democrats.

"So for example, if you're a Democrat and you have sort of normal impulses, you're a sellout, like when Hillary said abortion is a tragedy for virtually everybody who undergoes it, we ought to do all we can to reduce abortion," Clinton said.

"All of a sudden," he continued, the media began asking, "'Is she selling out? Is she abandoning her principles?' But if John McCain, who's pro-life, works with Hillary on global warming, he's a man of principle moving to the middle."

"It's nuts," the former president said.

A speech by Sen. Clinton in January in Albany, N.Y., led to a flurry of speculation that she was shifting slightly to the right. In that speech, she called abortion a "sad, even tragic choice" and said her husband's administration had done a great deal to reduce the number of abortions in the United States.

Conservatives and abortion-rights foes portrayed the speech as a sign that she was edging toward the middle with an eye toward the 2008 presidential campaign. Her supporters, however, said she was simply repeating positions she had stated since her 2000 campaign for the Senate.



Thursday, July 07, 2005

Radio Talk Show Hosts Hold Gannett Newspaper Burning Ceremony

Radio Talk Show hosts Chris Dickson and Ron Chappell of "The Dickson/Chappell Report" are meeting at the Vietnam Memorial in Richmond, Indiana on July 9, 2005 to have a ceremonial burning of a "USA Today" newspaper in response to Gannett editor's promises to burn American flag if Burning Amendment passes.

The top editor at a newspaper owned by Gannett, which publishes USA Today, promised in a Sunday column to burn an American flag if the Senate passes an anti-flag burning amendment. Linda Grist Cunningham, Executive Editor of the Rockford Register Star in Illinois, pledged: "If the U.S. Senate follows its silly siblings in the House of Representatives and votes for a ban on burning the American flag, I'm going to burn one. It never occurred to me to burn a flag -- except in some flag-retiring ceremony -- but just the idea that Congress has nothing better to do than spend time on this nutty issue makes we want to burn one." She also displayed her disgust with critics of Senator Dick Durbin, complaining that people "with an ax to grind" took "a couple of lines out of context."


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Allstate Insurance Fires Agent For Not Supporting Homosexual Agenda

Here Are The Facts On The Allstate/Matt Barber Situation

Dear Chris,

Earlier I wrote concerning Allstate's firing of Matt Barber because he expressed his Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality. Some of our supporters have been told that there is no truth to what we wrote earlier. Below are the facts.

The State of Illinois (Department of Employment Security) conducted a thorough investigation into Allstate’s actions and ruled, without equivocation, in favor of Mr. Barber. The investigation determined: "The claimant (Mr. Barber) was discharged from Allstate Insurance Company because an outside organization had complained about an article he had written while on his own time."

Allstate did not identify the "outside organization."

The State's investigation further concluded that Allstate intentionally chose to terminate Barber’s employment for writing the article despite the fact that he engaged in no misconduct whatsoever: "The term misconduct means the deliberate and willful violation of a reasonable rule or policy of the employer…In this case, the claimant’s action which resulted in his discharge was not deliberate and willful." This determination, issued March 8, 2005, was not appealed by Allstate. To see the official document, Click here .

On May 26, 2005, Attorney David Gibbs III of the Christian Law Association filed suit in federal court against Allstate Insurance Company on behalf of Mr. Barber. He had been employed as a manager in the corporate security division at the company's Chicago area headquarters. The case, No. 05-cv-03152, has been assigned to Judge Amy St. Eve, and an initial case status hearing is scheduled for July 20, 2005.

The firing of Mr. Barber is in keeping with Allstate’s promotion of the homosexual agenda including homosexual marriage. A few examples:

Participated in the PRIDEChicago Celebration 2004 35th Annual Parade

Gave $10,000 to the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), a homosexual organization which promotes homosexual marriage. – Click here

Supports homosexual websites with advertising dollars. – Click here

Gave $5,000 to the Indiana University office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services. Click here

Gave $15,000 to the Gay & Lesbian Center in Los Angeles.- Click here

For Allstate's public statement, click here.

Most Allstate agents are well-respected persons in their community. Some of them probably had no knowledge of Allstate's promotion of the homosexual agenda. Now that they do, they should insist that Allstate stop promoting the homosexual agenda, including homosexual marriage. Please contact your Allstate agent and ask him or her to contact Allstate and ask Allstate to stop supporting homosexual advocacy groups. You can find a listing of Allstate agents in your area by clicking here .

If you haven’t done so, please take action by sending an email to Allstate Chairman Edward M. Liddy to register your complaint and demand a public apology and reinstatement for Mr. Barber with back pay. You should also ask him to stop supporting homosexual organizations.
Click Here To Email Allstate Chairman Liddy Now!


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and ChairmanAmerican Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

We Demand Police To Be Human - Until They Are

There was a time in this country when a person was presumed innocent until proven guilty. That's no longer true in today's society. In America today, policemen are always guilty until proven innocent.

Society has a morbid "Hero Worship" for those who strike policemen. On the other hand, when policemen find it necessary to use force to defend themselves from a criminal, everyone from Congress down to the street people cry,"Off with his head!"

It is demanded that our police be human. That is, until they act human. Then we decry they should have been "superhuman." I've heard it said that, 'dead policemen, unlike dead criminals, are an undramatic event in a world that is unconcerned when man bites dog."

Don't blame the Policemen or the judges for our "revolving door" system of criminal justice. They, more than anyone else, would like like to see it changed. If blame is to be levied, let it be upon our legislators. After all, it is the legislators that make the laws that everyone else must abide by, and as long as they continue to play "footsie" with the criminals, nothing is going to change.

As for legisloators, I am tired of statesmen who have degraded themselves so low as to become politicians (politicians think only of the next election while statesmen think of the next generation.)

America is a Republic and not a pure democracy. It is sad, therefore, when legislators substitute public opinion for law. They can't make a decision without taking a poll or continuously feeling for the public's pulse (I call them "heat-seeking missiles".)

Legislators must begin realizing how strongly committeed the American public is in protecting the men and women who protect us. It is time we rid our streets of criminals rather than coddling them while slapping our police. As Edmund Burke once said, "Whenever a seperation is made between liberty and justice, neither, in my opinion, is safe."


Friday, July 01, 2005

Enjoy Your Summer With Great Books !

Summer is a time for reading, reflection and fun!

Check out some bestselling books.

Click On Great Summer Books On The Right!


National Coalition To End Judicial Filibusters Letter Delivered to U. S. Senators on June 30th, 2005

National Coalition to End Judicial Filibusters

The Honorable Ted Stevens
The Honorable William H. Frist, M.D.
The Honorable Mitch McConnell
The Honorable Rick Santorum
The Honorable Jon Kyl
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutcheson
The Honorable Elizabeth Dole
The Honorable Arlen Specter
The Honorable Trent Lott
The Honorable John McCain
The Honorable Mike Dewine
The Honorable Lindsay Graham
and all Republican Senators.
United States Senate
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC

June 30, 2005
Dear Senators:

As the representatives of millions of American voices, we write again to urge you to end judicial filibusters. If elections are to mean anything, and they must mean something, you must end the obstruction.

We commend Leader Frist and the Republican leadership for the recent extraordinary allocation of Senate time to judicial nominations and for standing up for principle, and not just for party, in readying to end judicial filibusters. You took the road of statesmen.

We believe, however, that the May compromise by 14 senators to avoid the use of the Constitutional Option, while it may well have been a temporary pragmatic and political success in getting several circuit judges confirmed and defeating the litmus test of ideology and religion, was a defeat of principle that dishonored the Constitution, ignored an election, and went entirely in the wrong direction. It created a de facto Senate Judiciary Committee with powers unprecedented and unchecked in Senate rules or tradition.

The so-called “Deal” legitimized the judicial filibuster and altered the checks and balances provided in the Constitution by diminishing the Presidency in favor of the Senate.

We urge you to test the “Deal” and ready yourselves again to end judicial filibusters as soon as possible. We know that Senate leadership can trump each and every device that the minority can use to slow down Senate business, and there are few single items of Senate business that are as important as its special stewardship of the Judiciary.

We also write to express our support for the confirmation of Henry Saad of Michigan to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. We ask that you schedule him to be voted out of the Judiciary Committee (again) and onto the Senate Calendar at the earliest moment.

As you know, Judge Saad was one of two judicial nominees abandoned by the May compromise. In opposing Judge Saad, the minority has picked yet another nominee who sings in his church choir. Judge Saad is a Board Member of the Greater Detroit Interfaith Roundtable of the National Conference of Christians and Jews. He serves on the Executive Committee of the American Arabic and Jewish Friends and he is a recipient of the Arab-American and Chaldean Council Civic and Humanitarian Award. Judge Saad also serves on the Board of Visitors of the Ave Maria School of Law

He is happily married with four grown children.

We fear that in blocking Judge Saad, the minority has introduced a new and insidious tactic by suggesting that there is something untoward in Judge Saad’s FBI file to justify obstruction. It is no wonder that the uncharitable and unethical use of this tactic brought an immediate response from Arab American leaders who decried it as a slur on all Arab Americans in an era after 9/11.

We are assured that there is nothing to warrant obstruction, as evidenced by four nominations or re-nominations by two presidents and the recommendation of all Republican senators who voted Judge Saad out of the Judiciary Committee in 2004, including Senators Graham and Dewine.

We believe that the minority is betting that some Republican senators are prone to surrender to the mere allegation of an impropriety, and the minority knows that Republicans (like all other senators) are obliged not to discuss FBI files in public.

Finally, even after the minority’s impugnation, the American Bar Association, which Democrats once argued was the gold standard of nominations, recently raised Judge Saad’s rating from “Qualified” to “Well-Qualified,” the ABA’s highest rating.

The minority also points to a misdirected email letter to suggest intemperateness. In 2003, at the peak of the Daschle filibusters, a Michigan supporter forwarded to Judge Saad a form letter issued by Senator Stabenow’s office to defend her obstruction of judicial nominees. Through inadvertence, Judge Saad misdirected his reply to Senator Stabenow’s office believing he was replying to a friend.

The minority has used this misdirected, private email to argue that Judge Saad is intemperate and that his email suggests a violation of Senate tradition. But no one objected when Judge Charles Pickering went on television news shows and 60 Minutes to express his frustration over Democrats’ obstruction of his nomination. Moreover, given that Judge Saad was first nominated to the federal court in 1992 and re-nominated in 2001, Judge Saad’s comment (below) shows remarkable temperateness.

Judge Saad wrote: “We know, of course, that this is the game they play. Pretend to do the right thing while abusing the system and undermining the Constitutional process. Perhaps some day she will pay the price for her misconduct.” What is intemperate about saying that to a friend?

The ideological objection to Judge Saad’s nomination is negligible. A full review of Judge Saad’s record shows him to be a judge who follows the law, and that he is an umpire who is neither pro-pitcher nor pro-batter. Notably, Judge Saad has the support of the UAW and AFL-CIO, as well as the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and all of us.

In fact, Judge Saad has wide bi-partisan support among Michigan political leaders, fellow judges and editorial boards.

Judge Saad’s personal story is compelling. When confirmed he will be the first Arab-American to serve on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Filling a Michigan seat, Judge Saad will represent the state with the highest concentration per capita of Arab Americans.

The symbolic significance of Judge Saad’s nomination is no small matter. U.S. District Court Judge George Steeh of Michigan, himself an Arab American appointed by President Clinton put it this way: “[Bush’s nomination of Saad in the wake of the September 11 attacks] conveys an important message to all citizens and residents of this country that we embrace and welcome diversity and that we are extending the American dream to anyone who is prepared to work hard.”

We believe that Senate Republicans should not now send an opposite message. We expect that you will agree.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Weyrich, Coalitions for America
Roy Innis and Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
David A. Keene, American Conservative Union
Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform
Gary L. Bauer, American Values
C. Boyden Gray, Committee for Justice
Harvey Tettlebaum, Republican National Lawyers Association
Roberta Combs and Jim Backlin, Christian Coalition of America
Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family
Manuel A. Miranda, Third Branch Conference
James J. Fotis, Law Enforcement Alliance of America
Connie Mackey, Family Research Council
L. Brent Bozell III, Conservative Victory Campaign
Mark R. Levin, Landmark Legal Foundation, author of Men in Black
Duane Parde, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council)
Dr. Virginia Armstrong, Eagle Forum's Court Watch
Beverly LaHaye and Jan La Rue, Concerned Women for America
Dr. Carl Herbster, AdvanceUSA
Donald E. Wildmon, American Family Association
Stephen M. Crampton, AFA Center for Law & Policy
Tim Clinton, American Association of Christian Counselors
Dr. John C. Eastman, The Claremont Institute Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
Kelly Shackelford. Liberty Legal Institute
Dr. James H. Broussard, Citizens Against Higher Taxes
Dr. Richard Land, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Dr. Barrett Duke, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Jeffrey Mazzella, Center for Individual Freedom
Kay R. Daly, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
Bill May, Catholics for the Common Good
Kerri Houston, Frontiers of Freedom
Jonathan Moseley, Legal Affairs Council
James L. Martin, 60 Plus Association
Charles W. Jarvis, USA Next (United Seniors Association)
Rick Schatz, National Coalition for the Protection of Children & Families
Tom Shields, Coalition for Marriage and Family
Mark Sutherland, National Policy Center
C. Preston Noell III, Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.
Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries
Dr. Gary Cass, Center for Reclaiming America
Rev. Louis P. Sheldon and Andrea Lafferty, Traditional Values Coalition
Rev. Rick Scarborough, Vision America
Pastor Rod Parsley, Center for Moral Clarity
Rev. William Owens, Coalition of African-American Pastors
Thomas A. Glessner, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates
Robert Peters, Morality in Media
Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life
Austin Ruse, Culture of Life Foundation
Joseph A Brinck, Sanctity of Life Foundation
Dr. Patricia McEwen, Life Coalition International
Rev. Miguel Rivera, National Coalition of Latino Clergy & Christian Leaders
J. C. Willke, MD, International Right to Life Federation
Bradley Mattes, Life Issues Institute
Chuck Muth, Citizen Outreach
Helen Chenoweth-Hage and J. Thomas Smith, America 21
Robert R Galbreath Jr., Citizens for a Constitutional Republic
Colin A. Hanna, Let Freedom Ring
Janet L. Folger, Faith2Action
Christopher Carmouche, GrassTopsUSA
Deborah Hamilton, Hamilton Strategies
Larry Cirignano,
William Greene,
Mike Krempasky,
Brian McCarthy, Irish American Republicans
Gary J. Palmer, Alabama Policy Institute
Dr. Ronald Konopaski, United For Life- San Francisco
Mathew D. Staver, Liberty Counsel
John Stemberger, Florida Family Action, Inc
Michael N. Duff, United Families Idaho
Mary T. Ericksen, Illinois Citizens for Life
Peter LaBarbera, Illinois Family Institute
Tom Brejcha, Thomas More Society, Pro-life Law Center (Chicago)
Micah Clark, American Family Association of Indiana
Kim Lehman, Iowa Right to Life Committee
Dr. Don Racheter, Iowa Association of Scholars
Lisa E. Roche, Esq, Maine Right to Life Committee
Douglas P. Stiegler, Family Protection Lobby - Maryland
Kris Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute
Barb Listing, Michigan Right to Life
Gary Glenn, American Family Association of Michigan
Kent Ostrander, The Family Foundation of Kentucky
Gene Mills, Louisiana Family Forum
Steve Lemke, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Karen Testerman, Cornerstone Policy Research
Harry Levine, Victory New Hampshire
Dr. Steven J. Kidder, New York State Family Policy Council, Inc.
Bill Brooks, North Carolina Family Policy Council
Phil Burress, Citizens for Community Values
Pastor Russell Johnson, American Restoration Project
Diane Gramley, American Family Association of Pennsylvania
Rev. Reece Yandle, South Carolina Association of Christian Schools
Oran P. Smith, Palmetto Family Council
Robert E. Regier, South Dakota Family Policy Council
Bobbie Patray, Tennessee Eagle Forum
Dr. Theodore C. Brown, Jr., Richmond, Virginia, Young Republican Federation of VA
Kenneth and Margaret Whitehead, Falls Church Republican Committee (Va)
Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Antioch Bible Church, Redmond, WA
Hiram Lewis, Candidate for U.S. Senate, West Virginia
Mark Coyle, former Communications Director, WV Republican Party
Martha Zoller, Radio host (Georgia)
Chris Dickson. "The Dickson/Chappell Report", (Midwest)
Russell Christian and Frank Vernuccio, Ave Maria School of Law
Jeffrey Lord, author of The Borking Rebellion

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