Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Renewing The American Dream

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There have been many well-known conservatives who have become detractors of the "Pence Plan," many of whom are my friends. It's quite obvious that they have not not taken the time to read it and study it thoroughly. Please read the following excerpt from Congressman Mike Pence's "Pence Plan" very carefully:

Say no to amnesty in any form

My bill offers a no amnesty solution to the problem of twelve million illegal aliens living in our country. Some argue that there is no amnesty if these twelve million illegal aliens are required to pay a fine or back taxes. I disagree. That is what the Senate passed. I believe no bill is better than a bad bill that grants amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Amnesty is not the answer!

It only will worsen the problem because it will cause more people to come here illegally with the hope of someday having their status adjusted. Amnesty is allowing people whose first act in America was an illegal act to get right with the law without leaving the country. Allowing twelve million illegal aliens to stay in our country instead of leaving and coming back legally is amnesty, no matter if fines or back taxes are paid, or how it is otherwise dressed-up or spun by its proponents. The only way to deal with these twelve million people is to insist that they leave the country and come back legally if they have a job awaiting them.



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