Thursday, October 26, 2006

Remember The Alamo !

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According to Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) , it’s painfully obvious President Bush continues turning a blind eye to the problem, thus violating his oath of office.

Democrats and Republicans share the blame equally. Democrats because they see illegals as future Democrats (forgetting that many of them are pro-life Catholics who therefore disdain the Democrat party,) while Republicans view them as cheap “coolie” labor

As of June 30, 2002, America’s prison population went over the two million mark, at a cost of $23,476.80 per year per prisoner. With over 25 percent of the prison population illegal aliens, that means Americans pay nearly $12 Billion dollars a year to house convicted felons who didn’t have the right to be in this country in the first place. Tancredo says, “Many who enter the country illegally are just looking for jobs, but others are coming to kill you, and you, and me, and my children, and my grandchildren.”

In April of 2005, Victor X. Cerda, acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement told the United States Senate, “We have a million individuals who are in some phase of immigration proceedings released.” Of these, according to Cerda, 465,000 are fugitive aliens who have been ordered deported. About 80,000 of those criminal aliens have committed an offense in addition to immigration violations.

In 1836, Captain William Travis drew a line in the sand at the Alamo, inviting the defenders to cross over the line and into the annals of greatness. All 189 inhabitants of the Alamo died, save on cowardly Frenchman (go figure) who escaped over the wall. Are you willing to cross over that line drawn by Congressman Tancredo today, or follow the cowardly Frenchman?



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