Tuesday, January 31, 2006

February/March/April 2006 Program Line-Up

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February 4

Michelle Malkin
Nationally Syndiated Columnist and Author
David Keene
Chairman: American Conservative Union

February 11

Jerome Corsi Returns
Author: Atomic Iran

February 18
Wayne Weible
Author: Medjugorje

February 25
Open Mike

March 4
Merrilee Carlson
Mother of a fallen soldier.
Her message is exactly the opposite of the over-exposed message from that other "well-known" protesting mom! Merrilee is a lady, period...
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Returns
Author: "Scam: How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America"

March 11
Open: Chris off on "CHIRP" ( Christ Renews His Parish) Retreat

March 18
Sister Briege McKenna, OSC

March 25
Craig R. Smith Returns
President and CEO of Swiss America Trading Corporation

April 8
Ambassador Alan Keyes
Former Presidential Candidate
For Bio: http://www.renewamerica.us/keyes/whois.htm
Kenneth Blackwell Returns
Ohio Secretary of State
Candidate for Governor of Ohio

April 15
Hal Koster
Owner of Fran O'Brien's Steak House Washington, D.C.
Joe Klein
Author: "Global Deception: The UN's Stealth Assault on America's Freedom"

April 22
Thomas Woods, Jr., Ph.D.
Author: "How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization"
Rebecca Hagelin Returns
Nationally Syndicated Clumnist
Author: "Home Invasion: Protecting Your Familily In A Culture That's Gone Stark Raving Mad."
Named one of 12 evangelical women of the year by Concerned Women of America.

Also in April:

Tom Monaghan
Founder of Domino's Pizza
Former Member of the Board of Directors ofThe Franciscan University of Steubenville
Talking about Ave Maria University, Naples Florida


Monday, January 09, 2006

Ambassador Paul "Jerry" Bremer Special Guest On "The Dickson/Chappell Report" January 28th !!!

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President Bush's Man in Iraq Tells Full Story about Efforts to Bring Order Out of Chaos

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer's New Book MY YEAR IN IRAQ: THE STRUGGLE TO BUILD A FUTURE OF HOPE gives the full picture of the challenges the U.S. faces in the region ... and the successes we have earned so far Provides a needed counterweight to the negative, one-sided accounts on Iraq fed Americans by the MSM.

Details clashes with Rumsfeld and the Pentagon over the numbers of troops needed

When Ambassador Paul Bremer, a retired diplomat and counterterrorism expert, arrived in post-war Baghdad as "pro-consul" he was shocked. His hurried briefings in Washington by the Departments of Defense, State and Treasury, by the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff had done little to give him a sense of how utterly broken the country was from three decades of Saddam's dictatorship and three weeks of post-war looting, nor fully prepared him for the violence that followed the Coalition's rapid military victory.

Bremer's struggle to bring order out of chaos while forging the democratic institutions vital to Iraq's future of hope would be a task more difficult than he could imagine.

MY YEAR IN IRAQ: THE STRUGGLE TO BUILD A FUTURE OF HOPE is the only senior insider's perspective on the crucial period following the collapse of Saddam Hussein's regime. Told with unrelenting candor by the man President Bush assigned to rebuildthe devastated country, Bremer's unique memoir is an unforgettable first-hand account of danger, chaos, daunting challenge, and successes forAmerica's mission in Iraq.

As he takes us from the ancient lanes in the holy city of Najaf to the White House Situation Room and the Pentagon E-Ring, Bremer reveals the hidden struggles among Iraq's politicians and America's leaders-confronting for the first time the reality of occupying a large Muslim nation in the heart of the volatile Middle East.

Bremer reveals:

* How the Pentagon's concern with troop rotation led military leaders to overestimate the quality of Iraqi security forces.

* How the story popularized in the mainstream media about the StateDepartment being "shut out" from participation in Iraq reconstruction is apatent myth ... and that the media trumpeted claims about a StateDepartment "plan" for post-war Iraq that was allegedly being ignored by the White House.

* How detailed blueprints for the insurgency were discovered in a ransacked Iraqi intelligence office.

* His struggles with both the CIA and the military - beginning in August2003, shortly after the fall of Baghdad - over the need to shut down the dangerous cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

* Why turning sovereignty over to the Iraqis before getting a constitution,as proposed by the French and some Pentagon civilians, would have been a mistake.

* And how Syrian President Assad secretly suggested to Iraq's leading Shia Ayatollah that he encourage a Shia uprising against the Americans. Bremer also provides a riveting behind-the-scenes account of the capture of Saddam Husein, including a dramatic meeting he and several members of the Iraqi Governing Council convened with the fallen dictator.

About the Author:

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III, a career diplomat, was the Presidential Envoy to Iraq from May 2003 to June 2004. During his twenty-three years at the State Department, he served on the personal staffs of six secretaries of state and on four continents. In the 1980s, he was President Reagan's Ambassador at Large for Counter Terrorism. After leaving government, he was Managing Director of Kissinger Associates. He also served as Chairman of the bipartisan National Commission on Terrorism (1999-2000). In December2004, George W. Bush awarded Bremer the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his service in Iraq.

To order your copy of Ambassador Paul Bremer's book MY YEAR IN IRAQ: THE STRUGGLE TO BUILD A FUTURE OF HOPE, simply click on the Icon "Black Gold Stanglehold" on the right side of the screen and order direct from Amazon.com !!!


January 2006 Program Line-Up

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January 1

Open Lines

January 7

Kate O'Bierne
- Washington Editor of National Review
- Panelist on CNN's The Capitol Gang.

Open Lines

January 14

Manny Miranda Returns
- Chairman: Third Branch Conference
- Served as Nominations Counsel to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist

LTC Robert "Buzz" Patterson Returns
- Best Selling Author: "Dereliction of Duty" and "Reckless Disregard."
- Carried "Nuclear Football" (Launch Codes) for former President Bill Clinton

January 21

Major General James L. McCoskey Returns
- Former Commanding General of the Indiana Guard Reserve

Major General Paul Vallely Returns
- Retired Deputy Commanding General of the Pacific

January 28

Ambassador L. Paul Bremer
- President Bush's Man In Iraq

Major General Martin Umbarger
- Commanding General of the Indiana National Guard


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

William A. Dickson "Old Soldiers Never Die, They Just Fade Away"

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William A. Dickson
September 2, 1923 - January 2, 2006

Dedicated to the memory of the sacrifices of the men of the 35th Infantry Divison, WWII, who fought and died to preserve the justness of our cause as a nation:

First Sergeant Bill Dickson of the Intelligence & Reconnaissance Platoon (I&R Plat) of Hq Co, 320th Inf Regt, 35th Inf Div (Sante Fe Division,) served under Captain Orval Eugene Faubus (later Governor Faubus of Arkansas) and 1LT Sid Silverman from January 9, 1943 to November 1, 1945.

Beginning with the Allied invasion at Omaha Beach, Dickson's unit fought in the bloody battles of St. Lo, Normandy, Alsace-Loraine, Mortain, Rhein-Marne, The Ardennes, was part of General Patton's 3rd Army that freed the 101st Airborne Division in Bastogne (Gen. McAuliff's "Battered Bastards of Bastogne") aka "The Battle of the Buldge."

Of particular note, from Normandy until the final defeat of Germany, Sgt. Dickson's platoon suffered nearly a 320% turn-over due to casualties (nearly as many casualties from one single Platoon as Americans suffered thus far in the entire Iraqi War.)

Dickson was also Past President of the 35th Division Association, a distinction shared with Governor Faubus and former President Harry S. Truman (Captain Truman was an Artillery Officer in the 35th Divison durning WWI.)

Awards and Medals:

Combat Infanty Badge (C.I.B.)
2 Bronze Stars (one with "V" Device for "Valor Under Fire")
Good Conduct Medal
American Campaign medal
European African Middle Eastern Campaign Medal (With 4 Bronze Stars)
World War II Victory Medal

One of the greatest priviledges of my life was during a telephone conversation I had with former Governor Faubus just two months before his death in 1994. He had mentioned my father several times in his book, "In This Far Away Land." On this particular day, however, I was never prouder when the Governor told me that my father was "one heroic son-of-a-bitch!" but I already knew that.