Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cereal Crowd (made of of Fruits, Nuts and Flakes) Can Only Muster 200 Protesters !


Capitol anti-war protest draws 200
By Jocelyn Wiener - Bee Staff Writer
Published 4:56 pm PDT Friday, September 7, 2007

About 200 people gathered on the west steps of the State Capitol on Friday afternoon to lodge their protest against the Iraq war. Demonstrators represented a broad swath of area peace groups, as well as students, professors and religious groups.

Candy Anderson, one of the organizers of the protest, said similar events will be held across the nation in coming weeks, including a march and die-in in Washington, D.C., next week.

"We're out here to let them know we're not happy with the situation," said Anderson, who wore matching silver peace sign earrings and necklace.

Other protesters said they believe the small turnout reflects widespread discouragement about the ability of demonstrations to change the course of the war.

"Four years ago, I think people thought something like this made a difference," said 59-year-old Bob Dreizler - who attended anti-war marches at the start of the war. "I think less so now."

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