Monday, September 10, 2007

Renewing The American Dream


I know many of you have already seen Angela Lashley's video for "Soldiers' Moms." Now, here's the scoop. She's been asked, then ignored, to be in D.C. next week to perform her song(s). Politics aside, it's time we help those that help us.

The "Soldiers' Moms" video is now up at YouTube. So I'm asking that all of you go to YouTube to watch it one more time. THEN, WHILE YOU ARE THERE, GIVE IT A 5 STAR RATING AND LEAVE A NICE COMMENT." The more we help her, the more it helps the Blue Star Mothers, Gold Star Moms, and Silver Star Families. And guess what? It helps all Eagles.

Secondly, after you do this, I want you to email the link with this recommendation to everyone you know. Lets, let Angela know how much we appreciate her, her son, and all of the other soldiers' moms and their sons and daughters. Let's get this YouTube video on the charts and help Eagles Up and all Eagles going to D.C. this week.

You can do this. Let's make it happen. Thanks.

The Eagles Up! Team.

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