Thursday, October 11, 2007

Labor Doesn't Benefite From Anti-Business Mood


Reflecting upon America's seemingly anti-business mood, it is nothing short of biting the hand that feeds us. There are some among us who believe that we can strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. In truth, the strong pull the weak up into prosperity. A sustained, crippling attack upon the strong will eventually lead to a crippling of American society. Stated simply, the process of destroying those who pay the wages, necessarily leads to our own self-destruction.

Labor and management must begin to work together to strengthen America's position in the world. Some industries have been shut down by unions, causing the loss of countless jobs, including their own.

To my friends in labor, I ask, "Would you risk your personal savings, second mortgage your home and borrow heavily from the bank to start a new business that you knew someone else was going to profit from?" Absolutely not! We all want the rewards that compensate our own personal risks. Many of today's workers are demanding a share in the company's profits. Forgive me, but aren't we receiving a share in the profits every time we're handed our paychecks?

Government, by legislating prohibitive operating restrictions and unnecessarily stiff business taxation is also choking economic expansion. We all know that the destruction of the rich does not help the poor. Clearly, the disintegration of the Soviet Union shows what happens to a nation holding unhealty attitudes toward their wealthy members. Americans know that the wealthy pay our wages, buy homes, cars and boats. In other words, it's their purchasing power that generates jobs for all of us.

Ronald Reagan once said, "A rising tide floats all boats." Pride within the labor force enhances management's position to make a profit. Likewise, strong company profits expand the economy, thus creating additional jobs. Like it or not, our survival depends upon one another, both labor and management, working together.



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