Thursday, November 01, 2007

EAGLES UP! Join us today!



1. Pursue every opportunity, within our means, to actively standup, support, and defend, the principles embodied in our United States Constitution.

2. Support our warriors in harms way, around the world, and their families, with a fervor worthy of their sacrificial service for our freedom.

3. Honor and protect the memorials to our fallen, missing, and support their loved ones.


1. Our Constitution, molded from sacred Scriptures, and written with the blood of Patriots is our solemn foundation. If it takes our lives to secure and protect it, so be it. We will cooperate with other organizations, movements, and efforts of like minded patriots.

2. America is at war with a brutal, butchering, Islamic enemy. Victory in the only option in the current war in Iraq and around the world. Political surrender is not an option. We reject the theory of supporting the troops but not the war...political ambiguous games during war is treasonous.

3. American freedom has required untold blood spilled by Americans in over 200 years of sacrifice. There can be no limits placed on our fight to continue to sacrifice as needed in support of freedom for our posterity, honoring our fallen and missing warriors and families.

4. As veterans and American citizens in general, our unqualified and solid backing is unequivocal in support of the honorable and courageous service of our military members. We reject, with prejudice, any behavior that demeans and dishonors the men and women who sacrifice for America's freedom.

5. Eagles Up is non-violent in principle, but confrontation is necessary. We honor freedom of speech as guaranteed for every American citizen so far as it does not damage or desecrate the freedoms of others. Aggressive action toward Eagles will be met with appropriate response.

6. Eagles Up is non-partisan...we will take issue with any politician or leader that is in conflict with our mission. We will not broad-brush any political party as being the cause of leadership ills within our government. While our efforts are meant to influence our nations leaders toward proper policies, we will not engage in political lobbying. Eagles Up members are associated with many political parties, which is a personal decision and is respected.

7. Our sacred memorials reflect hallowed ground, honoring our fallen and offer special remembrance for families. We will react aggressively to any hint of desecration, dishonor, vandalism, or use as selfish political stages.

8. Without family support, our warriors are without a vital ingredient necessary to sustain effective vision, motivation, moral clarity,and physical determination...we recognize, salute, and honor family members and offer our support in any way possible.

9. Integrity, trust, moral accountability, honesty, constructive criticism, selfless motivation and courage will buttress Eagles Up.

10. America has enemies that threaten the very existence of our nation. Those enemies are without, we have been attacked; and within, thus they cannot be allowed to roam free as in past decades...the unopposed effort to destroy America is over..Eagles have taken flight, are determined to take offensive action to counter the cancerous, insidious, cowardly attack on America.

11. Quoting "We win, they lose".

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