Tuesday, November 27, 2007

1Lt Jim Stone: LBEH "Let's Bring 'Em Home!"


I just received this e-mail from a very old and dear friend, 1Lt Jim Stone aka "Stoney," and I wanted to pass it on to everyone.

"I don't usually endorse any particular charity, but this one hits home.

"I know what it's like to be in the service, far away away from home, at Christmas.

"There is a campaign, only a few years old, called LBEH- Let's Bring 'Em Home

"They raise money to fly enlisted service members home for Christmas with their family.

"Their only money comes from donations.

"They are an IRS Licensed 501C3 Non-Profit Charitable Organization, and that means your donation is Tax Deductable.

"They are the only charity I know where 95 % of the money they receive-- goes directly into their stated purpose-- airplane tickets for enlisted service members. NO ONE gets paid for their service to this group!

"You can check out this Organization at http://www.lbeh.org/?help and at the links on the bottom of the pages.

"Whether you choose to donate, or not, PLEASE forward this to lots of people, so they may choose to help, or not, and they will forward to their friends, etc-- on & on.

"If you do donate as a result of this E-Mail Campaign-- please add "EMC" before your LAST name(Jim EMCStone, Carole EMCJones ), so we can track our success on the donors page."



1Lt. Jim Stone
3rd MP Co 3rd Inf Div 1970-72

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