Sunday, November 18, 2007

Marsha Weinerman of Cambridge Mass: Shame on you!!!


Hey Everybody:

This is a letter calling all of you to your battle stations! This weeks news seems to be more discouraging than others in the attacks from within our own borders against our troops. We just celebrated Veterans Day last weekend and honored all who have fallen, all who have served and those who are serving. I guess that was too much for the liberal left? They still cannot comprehend the price that our self-sacrificing, brave and noble Veterans have paid for them.

We have inhumane and heartless Ms Weinerman in Cambridge Ma. who stopped the Boy Scouts from collecting items for care packages to send to the troops for Christmas because it was a "political statement?" Our troops are willing to shed their blood and give up their life if need be, and she doesn't want to send them a Christmas package. Scrooge is alive and well in Cambridge.

Then we have the protestors in California who put my sons picture in a casket along with all of our other fallen heroes and marched to the recruiters office and tried to blame them for the deaths of our sons who volunteered and willingly gave their lives for our country including the idiots who carried that casket! Do they not have any idea how deeply that rips and tears at the heart of those of us who have lost a loved one? How despicable and disgraceful!

Then we have the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and their co-horts who refuse to fund our troops unless they can dictate when the troops come home. And where exactly is their military leadership background and knowledge that makes them think they are wiser than the Generals? Oh it's okay for them to return home for the Holidays without voting to fund our troops who won't get to enjoy their families for the Holidays. Their power struggles and prideful attitudes are putting our troops and our nation at risk and mimic actions of traitors.

Through God's strength I have made it through the toughest 15 months of my life since my son Mar Alan Lee, the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq died on 8-2-06. I have had enough of the liberals who continue to bash our troops! It makes me sick and I know many of you feel the same way. I know many of you are fighting and doing your part, but many of you have gotten apathetic. We are going to lose our country because of the liberal minority who scream the loudest. Please I can't do this alone. We need more voices and support. It's time for everyone of us to do something to stop this madness. We need to hold Ms Weinerman accountable, filling lawsuits if applicable. The grieving Father took the Westboro Wacko's to task and one. Trust me those people are vile. We had them at Marc's memorial service in Oregon!

We need to call Ms Weinerman's office at 617-349-4363 or email: and demand she publicly apologize to our troops and the Boy Scouts. She needs to contribute big time to care packages for the troops.

We need to stop those who are using our fallen Heroes names and pictures without our permission for anti-war protests and agenda. Please any of you who are countering these vile protestors you have my permission to remove anything with my sons name or picture associated to anti-war propaganda. He believed in what we are doing and wouldn't want his honor destroyed by these wacko's.

Call your Congressman and Senators and demand they support our troops and fund them so that they can successfully complete the mission.

Make sure you are registered to vote and elect those who have values and morals that we can be proud of that represent the majority of America. Elect a President who our troops would be honored to serve under and has served in the military.

Let our troops know that we, the majority of Americans support them! Please join me and Move America forward as we kickoff our "Honoring our Heroes for the Holidays" Tour. Our goal is to collect at least 100,00 holiday cards that we will be taking to the troops this Christmas. Check out the website for our itenerary. This is so important for us to take the time off from work so that our troops overseas can see through the media that the majority of Americans, not just a few are behind them, love them and recognize the price they are paying for our freedom. This is a huge undertaking and we need your help! You can contribute on-line and send care packages. We are a grassroot organization and we all need to do our part. If you can help in organizing a rally in one of the cities on our itenerary, we need your help. We need everybody's help to spread the word. Everybody can do cards, no matter what part of the country you are in. Wouldn't it send an amazing message to the troops if we took a million cards? The MAF website has an address you can mail them to if you are not near an event location. Call your schools, any of your Veterans groups, churches, clubs, or kids organizations. Notify your radio and TV stations. If you are in the DC area plan on purchasing tickets to attend the concert on the 14th Honoring our Heroes and our Wounded Warriors from Bethesda and Walter Reed.

Don't forget to reach out to the families who will have empty chairs at their holiday dinners and parties, Our Gold Star and those Blue Star families who will have a loved one deployed.

A very proud and grateful American who knows the cost of our freedom!

Debbie Lee

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which group of people might change their position and backlash against the DNC on this?

November 18, 2007 4:37 PM  

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