Monday, December 10, 2007

LTC "Buzz" Patterson's statement regarding Jessica Sierra


Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.), Vice Chairman of Move America Forward (website: – the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, issued the following statement today, regarding American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra’s non-participation in the “A Song for Their Service” holiday concert honoring U.S. troops. The concert takes place in Washington, D.C. on Friday, December 14th at 8:00 PM and will be held at the historic Lincoln Theater.


“It has come to our attention that American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra has listed on the tour page of her personal website ( her intentions to participate in the “A Song for Their Service” holiday concert that will be held to honor America’s heroic military men and women.

“To set the record straight, Ms Sierra will not be participating in this concert. While we appreciate Ms. Sierra’s past efforts to support U.S. troops, including performing for them in Iraq on Independence Day, it is quite obvious that Ms. Sierra needs to devote a great deal of time to putting her life back together. That effort must take place in private and not in the limelight of the public eye or on stage.

“Ms. Sierra has obviously been given a great talent by God in her singing ability. It saddens us to see that she has compromised those talents by making very bad choices in her personal life, and we have no desire to see her bring her personal difficulties to a concert dedicated to America’s fighting men and women.

“Our troops deserve the greatest respect, admiration and appreciation from a grateful nation, especially during the holidays when so many military men and women will be far away from their families, loved ones and their homes. We wish Jessica Sierra all the best in her path towards overcoming her addictions, but that path does not include participation in the ‘A Song for Their Service’ concert.”

Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson
Vice Chairman,
Move America Forward

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