Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pray The "Jesus Curse" Every Day


We have all been taught that cursing is evil, am I right? Please tell me then, why did our Lord Jesus Christ curse the fig tree in the 11th Chapter of Mark? Obviously, there are times when it is indeed appropriate. I believe that this is one of those times.

If every Christian throughout the world would pray this prayer every single day at 7:00 P.M., then a constant prayer would move around the world daily. If you're a mother or father in front of the T.V. in Australia, a young person sitting in your tent in Iraq, a college student in Berlin, we can all join our hearts and voices together asking Almighty God to intercede for us in this worldwide bloodshed!

"Dear Jesus, defend us in the day of battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. Lord Jesus Christ, Prince of heaven, we humbly place your curse upon Al Quida and call upon the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, to drive into hell Satan and all the other evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking to ruin souls. And in complete confidence in you, my Lord, I declare Al Quidea 'Tel Telesti' (It Is Finished)!"

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Thursday, December 20, 2007



In Memory of

Date of Birth
January 28, 1986

Date of Death
December 10, 2007

December 20, 2007
Elkhorn Cemetary

Spec/4 Johnathan Alan Lahmann was killed in action December 10, 2007, while serving in the U. S. Army in Iraq.


Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free.
I'm following the path God laid for me.
I couldnot stay another day;
To laugh, to love, to work or play.

If my parting has left a void,
Then fill it with remembered joy.
My life's been full, I've savored much,
Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch.

Perhaps my time seemed all too brief,
Don't lenghten it with undue grief.
Lift up your hearts and share with me;
God wanted me now; He set me free.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Planned Parenthood’s “Choice on Earth” cards offend


WASHINGTON, D.C. — “Planned Parenthood’s ‘Choice on Earth’ holiday cards are its latest assault on Christianity,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American life League. “By changing the word ‘peace’ to ‘choice’, Planned Parenthood is effectively implying that Mary should have considered aborting Jesus.”

American Life League’s latest video report exposes Planned Parenthood’s continued assault on Christianity. The report goes from ‘Choice on Earth’ holiday cards to Planned Parenthood’s involvement in a 1973 comic book that depicts a sacrilegious rendition of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman posing as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“King Herod sent soldiers out to slaughter babies because he wanted to kill Jesus,” said Sedlak. “Two thousand years later, Planned Parenthood is still doing all it can to kill babies. That is what their motto ‘Choice on Earth’ really means.”

“Planned Parenthood continues to flaunt its anti-God, secular humanist agenda in its products and in our schools,” Sedlak concluded. “It is time for all Americans to stay away from this organization.”

Why don't they just go the extra mile and say, 'Merry Choicemas'?

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Jesse Jackson's New Staff Member: Mel Reynolds


You can't make up stuff better than this! Ain't politics grand?

Jesse Jackson has added former Chicago Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds to Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's payroll. Reynolds was among the 176 criminals excused in President Clinton's last-minute forgiveness spree.

Reynolds received a commutation of his six-and-a-half-year federal sentence for 15 convictions of wire fraud, bank fraud, and lies to the Federal Election Commission He is more notorious, however, for concurrently serving five years for sleeping with an underage campaign volunteer. This is a first in American politics: An ex-congressman who had sex with a subordinate...won clemency from a president who had sex with a subordinate...then was hired by a clergyman who had sex with a subordinate.

His new job?

Ready for this?



Shouldn't everyone have a job they enjoy!

Snopes says it's True....

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Abortion-supporting AG resigns over sex scandal


Accused of asking mistress to get inside information in criminal case

Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison, a Republican-turned-Democrat who was supported by abortion advocates in Kansas in his campaign to defeat pro-life former Attorney General Phill Kline, is quitting over a sex-and-political-influence scandal that now has triggered a decision to hire a special prosecutor.

"He's out," trumpeted a statement in the Kansas City Star.

The newspaper said Morrison read a statement this afternoon confirming he'll "resign on Jan. 31 in the wake of a sex scandal involving a former employee in the Johnson County district attorney's office."

"Many people feel betrayed by my actions, and they have every right to feel that way," Morrison read.

He took no questions and left as soon as he finished reading the statement.

"Because of my actions in my personal life, many people stopped believing in me," Morrison said. "The truth ultimately will come out."

Morrison announced his resignation less than a week after reports in the Topeka Capital-Journal revealed he had carried on an affair with a former administrator in the Johnson County district attorney's office for two years.

Linda Carter disrupted Morrison's political tenure by filing a sex harassment complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and alleging that among other things, Morrison, after he moved from the county office to the state position, tried to have her spy on a developing criminal investigation involving the Planned Parenthood in Johnson County.

Read article:

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Italian Director Zeffirelli to help Pope Benedict XVI with image


ROME (AFP) — Italian film and opera legend Franco Zeffirelli has agreed to become an image consultant to Pope Benedict XVI, the director said in an interview published Saturday.

The pope does not have a "happy image," Zeffirelli told La Stampa, adding: "Coming after a pope as telegenic as John Paul II is a difficult task."

Benedict, elected in 2005, "comes across coldly, which isn't suited to his surroundings," Zeffirelli said, adding that the pope's wardrobe "should be reviewed."

The pope's robes are "too sumptuous and flashy," the 84-year-old director of "Jesus of Nazareth" and "Romeo and Juliet" told the daily La Stampa. They should instead reflect "the simplicity and sobriety seen in the other echelons of the Church," he said.

The 80-year-old German pope "doesn't smile much, but he's an intellectual," Zeffirelli said.

The pope also wants Zeffirelli be a consultant to the Vatican "responsible for defending the faith in cinema, the image of the sacred," the director said.

"The Holy father is very aware that the Church's cinematographic communication is in ruins today. ... As a Christian I cannot stand by while this disaster unfolds," Zeffirelli said.

"I should have the full authority -- and the Holy Father would not deny me -- to denounce the continual blasphemies committed with the intention of popularising the Christian message," he said.

"You have to pay attention, as shown by the fallout from Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ' which irreversibly harmed the memory of millions of people," the director added.

"Images have invaded ... values that used to belong to preaching and the written word," he lamented. "Advertising language has become ubiquitous in the religious domain."

Zeffirelli has brainstormed ideas with the pope and senior Vatican officials, but will get to work in earnest after his staging of Puccini's "Tosca," which opens at the Rome Opera on January 14, he said.

Special Note:

Here is my suggestion to Mr. Zeffirelli; give the Holy Father a "German Shepherd" to keep by his side at all times. After all, I love my "German Shepherd!"

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Friday, December 14, 2007

The USS New York


USS New York

It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in
Amite, LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept 9, 2003, "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there."

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down.
We're going to be back."

The ship's motto? "Never Forget"


When Tolerance Trumps Security


A small segment of the gay-rights movement in Indiana is claiming victory following discussions with the Commissioner of the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles that resulted in a change in BMV policy concerning security checks. In an apparent effort not to offend, the BMV has agreed not to "red flag" social security numbers that point to a person's gender if it doesn't match the gender on their driver's license.

According to a December 5th alert hailing this change, the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (INTRAA) and the National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE) is praising the department for no longer invalidating driver's licenses or even sending out a computer generated letter to investigate a social security number and driver's license gender mismatch. According to these groups, "gender mismatches will be ignored by the BMV".

In other words, in a day of rampant identity theft and a war with terrorists, the Indiana BMV believes that not offending a person who is a cross-dresser or someone who has had a sex change overrides any security risk that could happen through a gender and SSI number mismatch. I am going to sound crass, but there was a time when people who wanted to cut off their sex organs were recommended for psychiatric counseling. Today, they wield enough political power to enact statewide policy changes that appear to place tolerance above basic security concerns.

I don't think it is overreacting to envision a hypothetical scenario in which "Achmed the Terrorist" comes to America after crossing our practically open borders. He probably needs an Indiana driver's license to achieve his final goal of disrupting a Colts game in the RCA Dome. He finds a criminal who sells him a stolen or made up Social Security number and Achmed goes to the BMV to get an Indiana driver's license to establish his new identity as "John the Hoosier Colts fan" who lives in Noblesville. But the SSI number says he's Jane from Evansville. No problem, he gets a license anyway, because we don't investigate such mismatches out of fear of offending the gay rights groups. After ignoring the mismatched number at the BMV, the worst happens one Sunday, and police, victims families and the media wonder how it could have happened and why he wasn't stopped somewhere along the way. Aren't these the types of things people in high office are supposed to regularly consider in a post 9/11 world?

As I recall, most if not all, of the 911 terrorists had state driver's licenses. Do we really want to remove certain "red flags" and discrepancies in background checks in an effort not to offend a handful of gay activists who have rearranged their sexual identity and are demanding their right not to encounter the inconvenience that such a drastic step might logically produce at a state agency? The societal embrace of homosexuality has already cast aside a lot of public health concerns surrounding such behaviors, should we now also begin to cast aside security concerns under the mantra of tolerance?

Micah Clark
American Family Association of Indiana

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Monday, December 10, 2007

LTC "Buzz" Patterson's statement regarding Jessica Sierra


Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson (USAF, Ret.), Vice Chairman of Move America Forward (website: – the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, issued the following statement today, regarding American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra’s non-participation in the “A Song for Their Service” holiday concert honoring U.S. troops. The concert takes place in Washington, D.C. on Friday, December 14th at 8:00 PM and will be held at the historic Lincoln Theater.


“It has come to our attention that American Idol finalist Jessica Sierra has listed on the tour page of her personal website ( her intentions to participate in the “A Song for Their Service” holiday concert that will be held to honor America’s heroic military men and women.

“To set the record straight, Ms Sierra will not be participating in this concert. While we appreciate Ms. Sierra’s past efforts to support U.S. troops, including performing for them in Iraq on Independence Day, it is quite obvious that Ms. Sierra needs to devote a great deal of time to putting her life back together. That effort must take place in private and not in the limelight of the public eye or on stage.

“Ms. Sierra has obviously been given a great talent by God in her singing ability. It saddens us to see that she has compromised those talents by making very bad choices in her personal life, and we have no desire to see her bring her personal difficulties to a concert dedicated to America’s fighting men and women.

“Our troops deserve the greatest respect, admiration and appreciation from a grateful nation, especially during the holidays when so many military men and women will be far away from their families, loved ones and their homes. We wish Jessica Sierra all the best in her path towards overcoming her addictions, but that path does not include participation in the ‘A Song for Their Service’ concert.”

Lt. Colonel Buzz Patterson
Vice Chairman,
Move America Forward

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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pope Benedict XVI: "materialistic" ways of celebrating Christmas "unbridled consumerism."



VATICAN CITY (AP) - Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday criticized "materialistic" ways of celebrating Christmas, pressing the Vatican's campaign against unbridled consumerism.

His brief comments, delivered from the window of his private studio to pilgrims below in St. Peter's Square, built on his dismay that ever younger boys and girls are caught up in consumer pursuits.

"The way of living out, and perceiving, Christmas unfortunately quite often suffers from a materialistic mentality," Benedict said.

Addressing English-speaking pilgrims, the pope said he was praying that the approaching Christmas celebration "will fill your hearts with redeeming hope."

On Saturday, the pope lamented that children and adolescents were being deceived by "false models" of happiness pushed by adults who lead them down "the dead-end streets of consumerism."

Benedict's predecessor, John Paul II, also cautioned faithful against the consequences of unchecked materialism on morality.

Benedict made the annual Dec. 8 papal visit to a 150-year-old statue of the Virgin Mary just steps from the holiday shopping frenzy on Rome's chic Via Condotti.

En route to pray at the statue, Benedict chatted with the head of a Via Condotti merchants association.

Read article:

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Jesus: Following His Example Of How To Live And Die


The old priest lay dying in the hospital.

For years, he had faithfully served the people of the nation's capital.

He motioned for his nurse to come near.

"Yes, Father?" said the nurse.

"I would really like to see Senator's Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton before I die," whispered the priest.

"I'll see what I can do, Father" replied the nurse.

The nurse sent the request to the Senate and waited for a response.

Soon the word arrived; Senators Kennedy and Clinton would be delighted to visit the priest.

As they went to the hospital, Hilary commented to Teddy, "I don't know why the old priest wants to see us, but it will certainly will help our images and might even get me elected President. After all, I'M IN IT TO WIN IT."

Kennedy agreed - - - it was a good thing.

When they arrived at the priest's room, the priest took Ted's hand in his right hand and Hilary's hand in his left. There was silence and a look of serenity on the old priest's face.

Finally Senator Kennedy spoke. "Father, of all the people you could have chosen, why did you choose us to be with you as you near the end?"

The old priest slowly replied, "I have always tried to pattern my life after our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

"Amen" said Teddy.

"Amen" said Hillary.

The old priest continued . . . "He died between two lying thieves. I would like to do the same."

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ford and 3 Men in a Shower


Sales of Ford automobiles were flat in November, rising only 0.4 percent when compared to sales during November 2006. Since AFA began a boycott of Ford in March 2006, sales have dropped in 18 of the 21 months. Ford suffered a 12.1 percent loss for the year.

Ford continued to show support for the homosexual agenda, running a full page ad in the Dec. 07 - Jan. 08 homosexual publication OUT! The ad, for Ford's Volvo brand, was adjacent to a photo of three men taking a shower together. To see the ad and the shower photo, click here. (Warning! The photo is extremely graphic and offensive.)

AFA began the boycott of Ford after the company reneged on an agreement to stop supporting homosexual efforts. Ford reneged because of pressure from homosexual activists.

AFA asked Ford to remain neutral in the culture war, but Ford refused.

Please call your local dealer and tell him you are participating in the Ford boycott. To find your dealer, click the Take Action link below.

Please forward this to your family and friends!


Donald E. Wildmon
Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Polls Can Be Agenda Driven or Simply Wrong


In last week's e-mail I mentioned a poll that was widely reported across the state claiming that support for protecting marriage was slipping. While the poll shows that more Hoosiers support marriage than those who support single-gender unions, the news was that allegedly only 44% now support passage of the Marriage Protection Amendment. I mentioned two reasons why these poll results seemed fraudulent. First, I pointed out that states around Indiana like Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky all had strong majority votes in support of protecting their marriage laws with a state amendment. Second, I noted that polls often under-report the numbers of what the actual vote turns out to be. When given the privacy of the voting booth and the serious consideration of what same-sex marriage could mean to children, or the size of government and the impact upon society, the support for marriage protection climbs.

After my e-mail went out, a friend in Michigan sent me a CNN/USA Today/Gallop Poll of Michigan voters a few weeks before their marriage amendment was to take place. The poll found that 51% of voters in Michigan opposed the amendment. The headlines were, marriage amendment too close to call or majority of Michiganders oppose same-sex marriage ban. When the vote occurred, Michigan's Marriage Protection Amendment, one of the strongest and most sweeping measures in the nation, passed overwhelmingly with 59% of the vote.

All the evidence points to majority support for preserving marriage in Indiana. The problem remains in getting the leadership of the Indiana House to allow a floor vote on the issue so Hoosiers can decide if marriage means something specific or it can be twisted into whatever any fringe group may desire.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

"Operation Appeasement" Leaves French Stunned By Rioters’ Savagery


From The Sunday Times
December 2, 2007

Matthew Campbell, Villiers-le-Bel

In retrospect, it was not a good idea to have left his pistol at home. Called to the scene of a traffic accident in the Paris suburbs last Sunday, Jean-François Illy, a regional police chief, came face to face with a mob of immigrant youths armed with baseball bats, iron bars and shotguns.

What happened next has sickened the nation. As Illy tried to reassure the gang that there would be an investigation into the deaths of two teenagers whose motorbike had just collided with a police car, he heard a voice shouting: “Somebody must pay for this. Some pigs must die tonight!”

The 43-year-old commissaire realised it was time to leave, but that was not possible: they set his car ablaze. He stood as the mob closed in on him, parrying the first few baseball bat blows with his arms. An iron bar in the face knocked him down.

“I tried to roll myself into a ball on the ground,” said Illy from his hospital bed. He was breathing with difficulty because several of his ribs had been broken and one had punctured his lung.

His bruised and bloodied face signalled a worrying new level of barbarity in the mainly Muslim banlieues, where organised gangs of rioters used guns against police in a two-day rampage of looting and burning last week.

Not far from where Illy was lying was a policeman who lost his right eye after being hit by pellets from a shotgun. Another policeman displayed a hole the size of a 10p coin in his shoulder where a bullet had passed through his body armour.

Altogether 130 policemen were injured, dozens by shotgun pellets and shells packed with nails that were fired from a homemade bazooka. It prompted talk of urban “guerrilla warfare” being waged on French streets against the forces of law and order.

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