Sunday, March 02, 2008

Alan Keyes makes Obama seem like Don Knotts


DALLAS — During a recent swing through Houston, Galveston, and Dallas, presidential candidate Alan Keyes told voters they don't need to settle for a candidate who isn't a true conservative.

Keyes said that when he looked at the field of candidates back in September, he felt "like Adam," finding no one "like himself" who represented a consistent view of conservative principles.

Foremost among the principles Keyes said were lacking in the leading candidates of either major party was unfailing commitment to ensuring government of, by, and for the people, above personal ambition or party politics. Instead, he said the other candidates — and the parties themselves — were preoccupied with gaining the White House at the expense of the sovereignty and security of the nation and the integrity of the electoral system.

Keyes told how his votes were not even counted in the Iowa caucuses, how he was excluded arbitrarily from several state ballots, and how he was barred from most of the presidential debates. Such elitist behavior by self-serving political interests, he said, was tantamount to "Soviet-style politics" — not consistent with the American democratic tradition.

Keyes said what was needed this election was "truth," the kind that he had personally strived to exemplify in the political arena for decades, he added, and he noted that "the true aim of a party is not to get the people to elect the party, but to get the party to represent [the] people."

Master of ceremonies Mark Davis of radio station WBAP introduced Keyes as an honorable man "whose ideas belong in the Oval Office" and who often can be found "eating some unlucky liberal for lunch." After Keyes finished his remarks, for which he received a standing ovation, Davis quipped, "Kind of makes Obama seem like Don Knotts."

The comment prompted laughter and applause from the hundreds of attendees.

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