Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Indiana Can't Defend Marriage; Can't Protect Life; Can't Repeal Property Taxes . . . but They Can Expand Gambling


As if Indiana does not have enough gambling or more important issues to address this session, House Bill 1143 is on its way to the Governor's office after narrow passage in the State Senate. HB 1143 is an expansion of gambling by allowing new games (pull-tabs and tip boards) in Indiana bars. Gee, what a great idea; mix gambling and alcohol to raise more tax dollars for the state. Who cares about people spending under the influence as long as the state profits from it?

Senator Mike Delph may have had the best quote on this bill when he said. "Indiana is addicted to gambling and needs to go into rehab . . . Last year slot machines, this year pull-tabs, next year, who knows what? Greed has no boundaries."

You can bet that none of those political commentators and legislators who claimed the session was too short or busy to protect marriage, to address abortion or to repeal property taxes will complain about another expansion of gambling.

Governor Daniels now has a decision to make on HB 1143. He can allow it to become law or he can veto it, which may stall or completely kill the issue this year.

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