Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pope's Statements Ignored in Indiana


Just in case you missed it, here is a note from my friend Micah Clark from the American Family Association of Indiana:

"Although I am not Catholic, I greatly admire the new Pope's courage to discuss moral issues and the importance of the family. Other pro-family leaders have noticed the Pope's stands as well. Just before his historic visit, the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy released a new analysis of the religious leader's statements on marriage entitled "Pope Benedict XVI on Marriage: A Compendium".

"In less than three years of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI has already spoken publicly about marriage an incredible 111 times! He has emphatically called upon Catholics, people of faith, and political leaders to support and defend the institution. For example, in his January 7, 2008 New Year's Greeting he said: "I regret, once again, the disturbing threats to the integrity of the family, founded on the marriage of a man and a woman. Political leaders, of whatever kind, should defend this fundamental institution, the basic cell of society. What more should be said?"

"Not much more, but I guess he could have said, "This means you Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer and Rules Committee Chairman Scott Pelath, my Catholic brothers." Those two legislators refused to allow a vote on SJR 7, Indiana's Marriage Protection Amendment, thereby killing the Senate-passed measure and leaving our state laws vulnerable to lawsuits for the next four years. (Unlike Indiana, voters in Florida and California will be voting on Marriage Protection Amendments this November.)"

Micah Clark
American Family Association of Indiana

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