Friday, August 08, 2008

Call Your Congressman Today And Tell Them To Support Congressman Mike Pence


Driven by the relentless rise in fuel costs, American businesses spent a record $1.4 trillion on logistics last year. That was equal to 10.1 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, a percentage not equaled since 2000.

Effective transportation management doesn't just reduce freight cost, it also has a broad affect on overall supply chain performance, inventory efficiency and warehouse productivity.

All this is for naught as long as Congress keeps their heads buried in the sand and continues to worry more about their own re-election than they do for the financial stability of our nation and its people. Without leadership at the helm, America will continue its downward spiral, eventually leading us into a world-wide depression.

Please support Congressman Mike Pence as he leads the Congressional Protest on Capitol Hill to pull America out of its Fuel Crisis. Call your Congressman today and let them know you want them to come back off their 5 week vacation and give us an "Up or Down Vote" right now! The American people deserve nothing less from their elected officials!

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