Friday, August 08, 2008

Delta Audit, a Division of Logisource


Delta Audit delivers Pre-Audit, Post-Audit and Freight payment services to shippers nationwide. We understand the importance of accurate and timely reporting of audit and payment results. We offer weekly, monthly and annual activity reports that help quantify your exact expenses, what we have paid on your behalf (or what you should pay), and identify potential problem areas including paying more than you owe. Delta Audit can customize programs designed to meet your individual needs and because we're affiliated with Logisource, we can provide guidance on the potential for savings through carrier enhancement or system modification.

Delta Audit services include:

• Pre-Audit, Post-Audit and Freight Payment Services
• Customized activity reports
• Custom programs
• Making sure you pay only what you owe

Chris Dickson
Regional Account Manager
Delta Audit
Cell: 765.220.1623
Corporate: 800-842-5644

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