Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shut Up And Quit Buying Their Newspapers...SHUT THEM DOWN!


It’s only going to get worse, ladies and gentlemen, until American’s finally wake up to the fact that our Liberal Media is no more than a propaganda arm of the Communist Party of America!

What is it going to take in order to get Americans fired up enough to quit buying their newspapers, quit shopping their television advertizers and send them down the way of Air America (into their own special pile of Donkey Manure!)

You don't have the right to gripe if you have the New York Times delivered to your house every morning! You don't have the right to gripe if you have the Wahington Post delivered to your house every day! SWITCH! Have the Washington Times delivered instead!

Why not boycott the Television Advertizers? We need someone to monitor who is advertizing on CBS, NBC, CNN, PMSNBC, Pravda, Etc..., and notify all true blooded Americans so that we can all boycott them!

If we got all our news from Conservative Internet News outlets, how long do you suppose it would take to hurt them financially? And can't keep them all afloat forever!

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