Saturday, September 06, 2008

Third Branch Conference


As you know, in early May we revived the Third Branch Conference around the attached "Third Branch Principles." Together we launched an effort to have our Principles be the basis for a new GOP Platform statement on judicial nominations and the courts.

We were successful in rewriting the GOP Platform. Special thanks to Paul Weyrich, David Keene, Gary Bauer, Connie Mackey and all of you who signed on to the Principles early, and all who supported our efforts on the Platform Committee, and to the Platform leadership and staff for working with us from the start.

Today, because of your efforts, the Republican Party is not only the Party of Life, we are also the Party of:

a.. "Constitutionalist" judges and judicial nominees who show fidelity to the Constitution;
b.. No "stealth" nominees;
c.. No guaranteed results or litmus tests, including on review of past error;
d.. No "religious tests" or other opposition to nominees based on sex or ethnicity, as we saw with Bill Pryor, Leon Holmes, Miguel Estrada and several others.(Remember Chuck Schumer's "deeply held beliefs and Dick Durbin's "he is Latino")

Early on, I decided that this was not the right time to press to affirm our 4th Third Branch Principle: to make Republicans the Party of no obstruction and no judicial filibusters. That is a debate for another day.

I urge you to read (linked below) the entire Platform and to share it with others. It is the finest and most normative platform of our times. Below and attached is the product of your work on judicial nominations. It was also the first spark of an electrifying Convention and another step toward the election of Senator John McCainand Governor Sarah Palin.

Best regards,
Manuel Miranda
Third Branch Conference

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a gay Latino in San Francisco, an advocate for animal rights, environmental concerns and the legalization of marijuana; I want to thank you for helping us kill off the GOP.

We've been counting on people like you to do your best and you haven't disappointed. Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Thanks again

June 04, 2009 11:08 AM  

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