Friday, October 03, 2008

Mystic Monk Coffee - Portiuncula: the Little Portion Offering Fair Trade/Organic Coffee


Mystic Monk Coffee : "Standing on Holy Grounds!"

Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan

Mystic Monk Coffee is pleased to offer the socially conscious consumer a coffee that respects the value of every human life. Fair Trade/Organic is a decision to act with social justice. With the silky rich garnish of chocolate, Guatemalan has an acidity that is enjoyable with or without cream. From a distant land of beauty, enjoy a coffee that many consider to be one of the finest.

Simply scroll down right side of this page and click on the "MYSTIC MONK COFFEE" Icon!

You can also order:

Breakfast Blend
Carmel (reg. or decaf.)
Chocolate Cherry (reg. or decaf.)
Chocolate Mint (reg. or decaf.)
Cowboy Blend
Dark Roast Colombian
Decaffeinated Colombian
Espresso Blend
Fair Trade Organic Decaffeinated Mexican
Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian
Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan
French Vanilla (reg. or decaf.)
Hazelnut (reg. or decaf.)
Hermits' Bold Blend
Irish Cream (reg. or decaf.)
Midnight Vigils Blend
Mystic Monk Blend
Royal Rum Pecan (reg. or decaf.)

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