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Bishop Gracida's Reaction to Fr. Newman's Letter "is one of admiration and awe"


Bishop Gracida's Reaction to Fr. Newman's Letter "is one of admiration and awe"

Fr. Newman's comments on those who voted for Obama have drawn some positive & some negative reactions. Basically, I think all Fr. Newman did was remind people of what the Church teaches. It is up to each of us to examine our own conscience. But, when a Bishop actually says to a person that he or she can't & they still try to, then it is time to be sure that Canon Law is upheld.

Bishops React to Priest who Told Obama-Supporting Catholics to Confess before Receiving Communion

By Kathleen Gilbert

GREENVILLE, South Carolina, November 14, 2008 ( - A South Carolina Catholic priest who advised Obama supporters in his flock not to receive Communion before going to confession elicited polarized responses from the Catholic community - ranging from outrage at a misuse of authority to warm praise for championing Church teaching on abortion. Today spoke with bishops Gracida, Vasa, and Chaput, all known for their outspokenness on political issues, about the priest’s actions.

Following Obama's election, Fr. Jay Scott Newman wrote a letter to parishioners stating, "Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life alternative exits constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic evil."

Therefore, as Fr. Newman writes, "Persons in this condition should not receive Holy Communion until and unless they are reconciled to God in the Sacrament of Penance, lest they eat and drink their own condemnation."

Fr. Newman, pastor of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Greenville, explained to local news that he will not refuse Communion to individual parishioners, as Church law would require in the case of a pro-abortion Catholic politician or other well-known public figure. Instead the priest is simply exhorting all Catholics who supported Obama's pro-abortion ticket not to approach the altar.

St. Mary's is considered the mother church for upstate South Carolina Roman Catholics, with 7,500 registered members.

“Personally, I think it is valuable to have this discussion in the secular media because, many times, many Catholics don’t go to Mass, and so they come at this issue from a secular viewpoint,” said diocesan spokesman Steve Gajdosik to the Greenville News.

“I think to Father Newman’s credit, he isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues. And sometimes there is a lot of pressure to conform and just be nice and go along.”

Fr. Newman's sentiments aligned with those of Msgr. Martin Laughlin, the diocese's administrator.

"We must not be guided by the so called 'lesser of two evils' or attempt to justify the acceptance of intrinsic evil for some greater good. We may never embrace evil," Msgr. Laughlin had written in an October letter, in which he called abortion "an affront to human dignity."

Archbishop Burke, formerly archbishop of St. Louis, MO and the current Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, had said in an interview just before election day that for a citizen to not "support and vote for the candidate who most supports the inalienable dignity of innocent and defenseless life" is "to participate, in some way, in the culture of death which pervades the life of the nation and has led to so much violence.”

Bishop Emeritus Rene Henry Gracida of Corpus Christi, TX, told (LSN) his reaction to Fr. Newman's letter "is one of admiration and awe. I find nothing in what he has written that is at variance with the Magisterium of the Church. He is to be congratulated."

Bishop Vasa of Baker, OR told LSN that, while Fr. Newman was correct to say that voting for Obama constitutes a material offense against moral teaching, it would nonetheless be impossible to "to ascertain with any degree of certainty the sinfulness of the action of any particular voter" as many voters may or may not have been aware of Obama’s extreme stance on abortion.

In a further statement, Fr. Newman appears to agree with Bishop Vasa. Newman said his statement on the "enormously complex subject" could be easily distorted when taken out of the context of his fidelity to normative Church doctrine. Within this context, he said, "no one could conclude that a vote for Senator Obama is in itself or by itself a mortal sin.

"But from that same teaching, though, we must conclude that a vote for a pro-abortion candidate can be a mortal sin if the intent is to support abortion, that abortion is not merely one issue among other important issues, and that no Catholic should endorse a pro-abortion politician if a plausible pro-life alternative is available."

Bishop Chaput, one of the most outspoken bishops on political matters, declined to comment on Fr. Newman's letter, stating only that Charleston diocesan administration had authority to speak on the matter.

"Praise God for priests with mettle enough to put what's right and good for their flocks before what is politically expedient," said Jim Sedlack, Vice President of the American Life League. "We pray more men like Fr. Newman will stand up and enforce Canon 915." Canon 915 deals with the subject of the distribution of Communion to those who are obstinately persisting in grave sin.

Numerous U.S. bishops issued a sustained volley of statements throughout the months prior to the presidential election condemning Catholics who supported pro-abortion candidates; these statements often contained thinly veiled references to Obama, considered by many to be poised to become the most pro-abortion president in history.

Prior to his election to the pontificate, Cardinal Ratzinger had written to U.S. bishops saying that Catholics indiscriminately receiving communion without discerning their worthiness "is an abuse that must be corrected," and that voting for a pro-abortion candidate without proportionate reason incurred moral guilt that disqualified a Catholic from receiving communion (See:
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Blogger Gene said...

Did Fr. Newman repent when he voted for pro-life and pro-death penalty McCain or Bush. And as I am sure he voted for Bush then did he repent for voting for a man who waged a needless war that killed hundreds of thousands Iraqis and tortured others. Does the Catholic church accept some responsibilty for the continuation of the Iraq war after helping get Bush elected because he said he was pro-life. And who is Fr. Newman to put himself on the level of God and judge others.

This is why the GOP is going down the tube and why the Catholic church is hurting for men to join the priesthood. I remember the bishops who supported Bush. The last 2 out of 3 bishops in my parish were pedofiles.

Perhaps Fr. Newman doesn't consider the Iraq war and torture significant because we are killing Muslims and not Christians over there. Maybe this is too much but has he ever asked forgiveness for backing pro-war and pro-death penalty candidates. This is the height of hypocrisy.

November 17, 2008 1:16 PM  
Anonymous CHRIS DICKSON said...

Dear Gene:

Okay, we've heard all the Obama talking points handed down by the Democrat Party. So let's view it another way; mathmatically...

Over 4,000,000 Kurds, Suni's and Shiites were killed under the Sadam Hussein regime. Obviously, that was not a sufficient number of dead men, women, and children to provoke empathy sufficient enough for you to try saving any of the others. How many would you have wished to see slain before you decided enough was enough?

Secondly, since the Iraqi War began, 7,271,512 innocent babies have been aborted in America. That's 7,251,512 vs. 4,000 American Troops. As a retired Officer, no one likes to see one single American killed in war, but the vast difference in these numbers is so overwhelming and therefore what I refer to as one of those "Duh" moments.

Some quote figures of approx. 10,000 innocent civilians killed shince hostilities began. Here's another one of those "Duh" moments; how many roadside bombs were set off my militant Muslems that killed their own men, women, and children that you turn around and blame the American Soldiers for? And how many of them were actual innocents, or radical extremists?

And then you whip out pedophiles? Where in the world did that bit of banality surface? After all, it's Liberals who endorse NAMBLA for crying out loud!

November 17, 2008 4:37 PM  

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