Monday, November 17, 2008

Rev. Roy Bourgeois, the Fort Benning protester, faces excommunication by Vatican


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Rev. Roy Bourgeois, the Maryknoll brother who has led protests down at Fort Benning for decades, has let it be known that he stands to be excommunicated by the Vatican for his support of the ordination of women.

Blog for Democracy gets the hat tip. And here’s the article from the National Catholic Reporter.

Bourgeois, now 70, began his protests against the School of the Americas, an Army training school he blamed for human rights abuses in Latin America, in 1989. The institution was closed. In its place, the Pentagon opened the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security and Cooperation in 2001.

Bourgeois has continued his opposition. The last major demonstration occurred two years ago, attracting an estimated 10,000 protesters.

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