Wednesday, November 05, 2008

We, Wretched Creatures, Enjoy So Many Luxuries!


When the Lord Bishop of Ostia, who later became Pope Gregory IX, attended the Chapter of the friars at Saint Mary of the Portiuncula, he entered the house with many knights and clergy to see the friars' dormitory. And seeing how the friars lay on the ground and had nothing beneath them but a little straw, and a few poor broken-down pallets, and no pillows, he began to weep freely before them all saying, 'Look how the friars sleep here! But we, wretched creatures, enjoy so many luxuries! What will become of us?' So he and all the others were much edified. He did not even find a table in the place, because the friars used to eat on the ground; for as long as blessed Francis lived, all the friars in that house used to eat on the ground.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Mirror of Perfection - 21

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