Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vice President Mike Pence: Does 1988 hold key lessons for 2008?


McCain had asked Pence to introduce him at CPAC. Unable to do so, Pence actually spoke at CPAC the next day. However, McCain asking Pence to introduce him is a good omen for Indiana, as well as a good omen for us conservatives.

Just as Quayle did for Bush Sr., Mike Pence could help McCain to win our neighboring swing states: Illinois (especially if Hillary is the Democrat nominee); Michigan; Ohio. Indeed history could repeat itself, thanks to Indiana, the "Mother of Vice Presidents!"

Read entire article by Nate Lamar:

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Vice President Mike Pence: Renewing The American Dream


(WANE) Congressman Mike Pence is one of the country's leading conservatives, the group experts say John McCain needs to get in his corner to win the presidency. Pence has also been mentioned in several newspapers across the country as a name that could possibly be on the short list when presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain is selecting a running mate.

"I want to hear him talking about the right to life, the sanctity of marriage, second amendment rights, and lower taxes," said Pence in an exclusive interview with Newschannel 15's Mark Mellinger this week. In fact, Pence offered McCain just that advice in a speech last week, telling McCain, "Embrace the right, and the right will embrace you". His words prompted a phone call from McCain the next day. "I think he received it as advice from a friend," said Pence.

Click here to view the entire interview:

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Vice President Mike Pence


Finally, there is Indiana's U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, one of the most galvanizing and principled young (48) conservatives in Congress. He's only in his fourth term, but is already a hero on the right, and his experience is broadened by his former presidency of the Indiana Policy Review think tank. He is perhaps the single best speaker on the conservative scene these days, and his white hair (surrounding a very youthful face) helps make him seem perhaps more of a legislative veteran than he actually is -- and thus to be more credible, to the general public, as somebody who could step into the Oval Office in an emergency without missing a beat. The geographical drawback of being from a state that always votes for a Republican president might be overcome by virtue of his broader Midwesternness: In other words, if he is sold as a regional candidate rather than just as an Indianan, he may be of help in places like Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and maybe even Minnesota. If McCain were to choose Pence, conservatives would cheer many loud hosannas, while the rest of the country would see not at all a bomb thrower, but a thoughtful, upbeat, inspirational young leader.

Hmmm... Maybe he belongs in my top group after all. Stay tuned for my Final Five in a future column.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Osama bin Obama in Flap Over Cuban Flag


Obama in Flap Over Cuban Flag

The Internet has been awash with news stories and blogs after it was revealed that a Cuban flag with the face of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara was hanging in a Barack Obama office in Houston.

Investor’s Business Daily even asserted in an editorial that Obama did “permit the display of a huge Cuban flag at one of his offices, emblazoned with a mass murderer’s mug” — while pointing out that the Democratic presidential candidate refuses to wear an American flag lapel pin.

But further scrutiny revealed that the office in question is run and funded by Obama volunteers and not sanctioned by the official Obama campaign.

That campaign released a statement on its Web site: “This is a volunteer office that is not in any way controlled by the Obama campaign. We were disappointed to see this picture because it is both offensive to many Cuban-Americans — and American of all backgrounds — and because it does not reflect Senator Obama’s views.”

However, Michelle Malkin on her Web site quoted a blogger as saying: “When you actively pander to and encourage the radical leftist elements of your party, as the Democrats have been determinedly doing for the past eight years, you’re going to end up with embarrassing scenes like this.”

Argentina-born Guevara was a key figure in the Cuban revolution, and after Fidel Castro came to power, he oversaw the trials and executions of hundreds of Cubans, among them people associated with the previous regime of Fulgencio Batista.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Semper Fi Act (H.R. 5222)


Rep. John Campbell (R-CA) introduced the Semper Fi Act (H.R. 5222), which would strike all fiscal year 2008 earmarks for the city of Berkeley, California, and transfer the money to the United States Marines for recruiting. Read the bill text, which is a reaction to Berkeley’s decision to deem the Marine recruiting station there as “unwelcome,” here:

Read more background on the story here:,2933,327347,00.html.

--Rep. John Kline (R-MN), in light of the City of Berkeley’s hostile treatment of the Marines, introduced a resolution (H.Res. 958) reaffirming the commitment of the House of Representatives to the Marine Corps in defense of the United States. Read more here:

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Vice President Mike Pence


Pence humbled by VP talk on McCain ticket

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ind. — U.S. Rep. Mike Pence says he’s humbled that his name has been mentioned as a possible running mate for Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

Pence, R-Ind., was one of five conservatives that Pat Toomey, a former Republican congressman from Pennsylvania, named in an opinion column in The Wall Street Journal as good fits to share a ticket with McCain, the likely GOP nominee.

“Over seven years in Congress, the former chairman of the Republican Study Committee has established himself as a principled, determined conservative,” Toomey wrote of Pence in Friday’s Wall Street Journal.

He also said the Arizona senator would be wise to name a fiscal conservative as his running mate to unite Republicans. Toomey is president of Club for Growth, a political action committee that raises money for Republicans who support a lower-tax, limited-government agenda.

The other possible McCain running mates Toomey named were: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford; Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C.; Phil Gramm, former Texas senator; and Steve Forbes, CEO of Forbes Inc.

Pence said Friday that he’s honored by the mention but added that he would be “stunned” if McCain asked him to be his vice presidential running mate.

“It’s nice to be noticed for the reasons you want to be noticed,” he said.

Pence said he would counsel McCain, a moderate Republican, to pick a conservative as his running mate to gain the support of conservatives.

“McCain knows the base is divided, and it’s imperative to bring the Republican Party together, including the majority who are conservative,” Pence said.

In a speech Pence delivered Friday to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., he challenged McCain to stick to promises he’s made that are in line with conservative views.

Those include making tax cuts permanent, fighting big government spending, securing America’s borders and appointing conservative judges.

“Senator McCain, if you continue to embrace the right, the right will embrace you,” Pence said to CPAC.

Pence said during the speech that he did not endorse McCain or any other candidate. He also noted that he had clashed with McCain on many issues.

Despite political differences, Pence and McCain have spent time together, including a trip to Iraq, and Pence believes he could support McCain for president.

“I’ve gotten to know him and found him to be a good man, a patriot and someone I admire,” he said.

Ted Ogle, Bartholomew County Republican Party chairman, said Pence, a 48-year-old from Columbus, would be McCain’s best choice.

If McCain doesn’t pick a fiscal and social conservative as his running mate, Ogle believes many conservatives will choose not to vote, which could hurt the Republican candidate.

“I think (McCain) needs to firm up the Republican base if he wants Florida, Texas and Ohio,” Ogle said. “He needs a likable and well-spoken conservative, and I think Mike Pence fits that bill.”

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Murray Clark said Pence is a proven conservative who has “steadfastly adhered to Republican principles his entire career.”

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Dr. Alan Keyes cites Romney's role in instituting same-sex marriage


"Mitt Romney is single-handedly responsible for instituting same-sex marriage in Massachusetts."

That's the view of Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who lobbied against the state's adoption of same-sex marriage when it was imminent in 2004.

"Most people are unaware of the way Massachusetts came to adopt same-sex marriage," the former Reagan administration diplomat said. "They think the state's Supreme Judicial Court forced it to happen. That's incorrect."

Said Keyes, "The court merely issued an opinion stating that, in its view, the existing marriage law was unconstitutional because it failed to allow persons of the same sex to marry. The court then gave the legislature 180 days to 'take such action as it may deem appropriate in light of this opinion' — implicitly telling lawmakers to come up with a new marriage statute."

According to Keyes, "the public record shows the legislature refused to do so. It balked at this attempt by the judiciary to usurp its legislative authority. When the 180-day deadline came and went, the legislature had not changed the marriage law."

Why then, Keyes asked, did Massachusetts become the first state to adopt same-sex marriage — if in fact the legislature never changed the law to reflect the decision of the court?

The answer, he said, is that "Mitt Romney pushed through same-sex marriage all by himself, in the absence of any authority or requirement to do so, having a complete misunderstanding of his role as governor and of the significance of the court's opinion."

"The court never ordered him to act, nor did he have the right to act, since the legislature never changed the law," said Keyes. "Romney claimed he had no other choice, but that's completely untrue."

"The appropriate course of action for Romney was to do nothing," Keyes commented, since the legislature gave him no new law to enforce. Instead, "as governor, he created, in essence, his own same-sex marriage rule and then enforced it — reportedly threatening local clerks with dismissal if they refused to comply with his executive order," Keyes noted.

To Keyes, the result was catastrophic. "This action by Mitt Romney is among the most socially-damaging actions by a chief executive in our nation's history. Because of its far-reaching implications for the future of the traditional family, it threatens to destroy our entire moral and cultural fabric more than any other executive action I can think of."

"The failure by Romney to 'say no' to corrupt activist judges in a critical controversy over 'separation of powers,' and his willingness to take unwarranted steps that exceeded his lawful authority, reveal the kind of chief executive he would be if elected president," Keyes believes.

Romney's mishandling of the matter, said Keyes — who holds a Ph.D. from Harvard in government and wrote his dissertation on constitutional theory — has been ignored by conservative leaders, as well as the national media. "Romney shouldn't get a free pass on so vital a public-policy issue."

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