Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Mike Pence: Reclaiming the Republican Party and the American Dream

There is rampant speculation throughout the country as to who will be running on the Republican ticket for President in 2012 against Obama. Recently, several internet web sites have cropped up across the country to draft Congressman Mike Pence for President in 2008. Who is this man, and what are his qualities and qualifications?

Mike Pence personifies the conservative values of the Red-State-Midwest commonly known as “Hoosier Values.” He is one of the great polemicists of our time, and has a very clear vision for dynamic reforming of government in the 21st Century. As he becomes more prominent in the years ahead as a national figure, we hope he will continue articulating what resonates in the hearts of an overwhelming majority of American citizens.

Pence’s entry onto the political stage is clearly a defining moment in our nation’s history. His tremendous core conservatism is dedicated to limited government, fiscal government and traditional family values. He proclaims to be a “Christian-conservative-Republican (in that order.) But is there enough evidence to convict him on all three counts?

Is Mike Pence a Christian? Micah Clark, Executive Director of the American Family Association of Indiana writes, “Maybe when you talk politics on the radio you desire real life conversations. Maybe when you are a politician from a conservative district you know that to talk of God and to vote conservative is ‘good politics.’ But when you are Mike Pence, a man of real faith, you simply express it, act on it, and you put that ‘love one another’ command into practice.”

Is Mike Pence a conservative? To answer this question, we need look no further than the 90 plus group of House conservatives who voted 100 per cent to elect Pence Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee in the 109th Congress. David Keene, Chairman of the American Conservative Union, said of Pence, “The Republican Study Committee is the bulwark of Reagan conservatism in the House. And Mike Pence is one of the most distinguished conservative leaders in Congress.”

Is Mike Pence a Republican? George Witwer, senior fellow, Indiana Policy Review, writes, “Mike still spends much of the election season helping local and state Republican candidates with their races. He even played an enormously valuable role in the Indiana Republicans winning back the State House in 2004 by going door-to-door and speaking at rallies for state legislative challengers.”

It is Pence’s belief and hope that in the decades to come, the justness of our cause as a nation will not only be realized by the powerful and wealthy, but also be realized within the obscure and hurting corners of our community. This realization has not materialized after nearly 60 years of Washington being dominated by liberals within the Democratic Party, although they have professed all along that they are “for the down-and-outs” of our society. It has been a lie that followed on the heel of the natural consequences of socialism.

Mike Pence for President? He certainly needs to be strongly considered.

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