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Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr: "It Ain't (America) No Mo!"

Friday, August 28, 2009

FINALLY! Catholic Bishops Speaking Out Against ObamAbortioncare


ObamaCare and Catholic Bishops

Finally, some leaders in the Catholic Church in America are speaking out against aspects of Obama's government-run health care plan.

To date, there haven't been many statements of disapproval coming from the Church. For the most part, there has just been support from groups like Catholic Charities USA, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and the Catholic Health Association.

Thankfully, that's changing a bit.

From the New York Times:

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has been lobbying for three decades for the federal government to provide universal health insurance, especially for the poor. Now, as President Obama tries to rally Roman Catholics and other religious voters around his proposals to do just that, a growing number of bishops are speaking out against it.

As recently as July, the bishops’ conference had largely embraced the president’s goals, although with the caveat that any health care overhaul avoid new federal financing of abortions. But in the last two weeks some leaders of the conference, like Cardinal Justin Rigali, have concluded that Democrats’ efforts to carve out abortion coverage are so inadequate that lawmakers should block the entire effort.

Others, echoing the popular alarms about “rationing,” contend that the proposals could put a premium on efficacy that could penalize the chronically ill.

“No health care reform is better than the wrong sort of health care reform,” Bishop R. Walker Nickless of Sioux City, Iowa, declared in a recent pastoral letter, urging the faithful to call their members of Congress.

In a diocesan newspaper column this week, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver agreed, saying the proposal was “not only imprudent; it’s also dangerous.”

The bishops’ opposition — published in diocesan newspapers, disseminated online by conservative activists, and reported in a Roman Catholic newspaper to be distributed this weekend at churches around the country — is another setback for Mr. Obama’s health care efforts. His administration has been counting on the support of Catholic leaders to help rally believers behind his health care plan. Just last week, he held a conference call with 140,000 religious voters to appeal to what he called their “moral convictions.”

I don't see how the bishops could support the bill, given that it clearly will cover killing the unborn under the guise of health "care."

Anti-abortion groups and pro-abortion groups agree: Abortion is covered. It seems that almost the only one unwilling to admit that abortion will be covered by the bill is Obama himself.

Is he still lying about that?

The bill does not promote a Culture of Life. H.R. 3200 would be a cornerstone of the Culture of Death, creating a lasting foundation for the assault on life in the United States.

It shouldn't be surprising that bishops would come out against it. What's surprising is that Catholic groups like Catholic Charities USA did not. It's disturbing that Catholic leaders haven't been more vocal and unified in their opposition to a national health care bill that funds abortion.

The audacity of Obama to try and frame the health care debate as "a core ethical and moral obligation" is sickening when you consider that Obama and the Democrats support and created a bill that includes abortion coverage and measures that will inevitably lead to the rationing and denial of health care services to the elderly and the terminally and chronically ill.

Unfortunately, the bishops' opposition to the bill is not a setback for Obama, as claimed in the New York Times.

Why would Obama care what leaders in the Catholic Church think about him and his health plan, at least in the short-term? Obama won't be needing the support of Catholic voters for quite a while.

Obama and the Dems can ram the legislation through. They can do whatever they want. I know Obama wants to be able to say that he brought all Americans together, blah, blah, blah, and accomplished the alleged great goal of government-run health care.

Bottom line: It would be a betrayal of fundamental Catholic values for Church leaders to support ObamaCare as it stands now.

If they're on board with Obama on this bill, then they are rejecting the belief in a consistent ethic of life, the "seamless garment."

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Surprise! There’s A Cash For Clunkers Tax


A special thanks goes to "Stop the ACLU" for this Posting!

Posted on August 27, 2009

Today’s theme is brought to you by the word “consequences.” When dealing with Democrats/liberals/progressives, there are always consequences, the majority of which were never considered when calling for and/or implementing legislation/plans. Another case in point (h/t Blogs For Victory)

The Cash For Clunkers program is adding to the activity at treasurers’ offices all around South Dakota. First, people were asking for proof of ownership, so they could show they owned their vehicle for a full year, allowing them to cash it in. Now, they’ll be returning to register their new vehicle. And when they do, new owners need to bring every bit of paperwork provided to them by their dealer.

“That means they need their title, their damage disclosure, their bill of sale and the dealers have 30 days to get that to them,” Minnehaha County Treasurer Pam Nelson said.

But many of those cashing in on the clunkers program are surprised when they get to the treasurer’s office windows. That’s because the government’s rebate of up to $4500 dollars for every clunker is taxable.

“They didn’t realize that would be taxable. A lot of people don’t realize that. So they’re not happy and kind of surprised when they find that out,” Nelson said.


On the front end, CFC sounded great. Stimulate people buying auto’s in the private market by offering rebates, because money circulating in the economy is a good thing. Though, of course, Dems linked this with AGW and made people purchase a more fuel efficient vehicle. You know, a Hummer to a Dodge Ram. But, alas, the consequences rear their ugly heads

  • people have to pay tax on the rebate
  • fewer used vehicles, meaning fewer cars on lots, meaning fewer sales, meaning less commission for the sales people and dealerships
  • fewer used vehicles, which harms the middle and lower classes who would typically purchase them
  • Dealers not getting their money back because of burdensome and onerous government paperwork
  • less money passing through the economy because there are fewer used cars to sell

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Obama's health care plan will be written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it and whose members will be exempt from it, signed by a president who smokes, funded by a treasury chief who did not pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that is broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Butte, Montana Pulls Plug On Valedictorian Renee Griffith


This is not what I swore to uphold and defend with over 20 years of Military Service!

This is Athiestic Communism...pure and simple!

This is the

"Change You Can Believe In"


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Washington, DC (26 August 2009)(The following is a statement from American Life League president Judie Brown on the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy).

"For 50 years, the Kennedy brothers struggled to reconcile their Catholic faith with the public square. Sen. Edward Kennedy’s legacy will, sadly, remain compromised in the eyes of faithful Catholics.

Kennedy’s claimed to be a Catholic while using his worldly power to condone and facilitate the deaths of innocent preborn babies. Kennedy emphatically defended their right to life in 1971, but tragically abandoned his Catholic principles as his presidential aspirations rose toward the end of that decade.

By breaking faith, Kennedy set a catastrophic precedent for “Catholic” public officials to publicly dissent from fundamental Church teachings while continuing to identify themselves as Catholics.

As Senator Edward Kennedy's death provides a platform for others to applaud him as a historic figure, we mourn the loss of only God knows how many preborn children – lives snuffed out by this man's advocacy of abortion. God have mercy on his soul.

We extend our prayer to his family during this time of loss. As his death brings an era to a close, we pray that it will also mark a new era in which American Catholics will set a far more faithful standard for Catholic conduct in public life."

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or press inquiries, please contact Katie Walker at 540.659.4942.

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Please Help Build The Portiuncula Chapel


Photo of the Portiuncula Chapel at the
Franciscan University of Steubenville

To duplicate this Chapel, the Portiuncula Hermitage needs to raise $120,000

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It's times like these that tempt Catholics to throw in the towel and give up on the culture of despair.

Greed and corruption have wreaked havoc on our nation's economy. Euthanasia just received Washington State's stamp of approval. And all the pro-life victories of the past decade are now in jeopardy. It's the perfect storm for despair. But despair is the last thing we should do.

In troubled times, Christ calls us to pray, to trust in his perfect will, and to cooperate with his grace.

Ultimately, Christ calls us to hope. He calls us to remember that for Christians, peace does not rest on who wins an election or on the value of our stock portfolios, but in a loving God who “in for good.”

Of course, God doesn't just call us to hope. He gives us reasons to hope and signs of the good things to come.

I truly believe one of those reasons, one of those signs, is the Portiuncula Franciscan Hermitage and Retreat Center.

While many other Catholic institutions have sold out to the culture of death, the Portiuncula, along with a few others, has fought steadfastly for a culture of life. It has faithfully stood alongside the Church, forming men and women capable of true leadership and committed to bringing Christ to the culture.

But the "Portiuncula Chapel" can't be built alone. To continue building, we need your help! And that is why I'm writing you today: To invite you to join me in helping our culture through these troubled times by helping build the Portiuncula Chapel.

United in the Roman Catholic tradition and obedient to the Magisterium of the Church and the Bishop of Steubenville, we are committed to our Lord and Savior in the Scriptures, the Eucharist, the Sacraments of the Church and in our Brothers and Sisters.

With God's grace and your help, I believe past Portiuncula retreatants and those soon to follow in their footsteps will lead our culture and our country out of these troubled times.

That is why I invite you to share the work of these Catholics and the Portiuncula Hermitage that is forming them.

First, allow them to pray for you.

Prayer is the lifeblood of the Portiuncula Hermitage, and the Franciscan family would be honored to include you in their prayers. Please e-mail your most pressing intentions to:

Everyone at the Portiuncula will pray for your intentions before the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and at Mass.

In turn, please pray for the Portiuncula, that it might continue to form leaders who can be salt and light to our world.

Finally, I would be grateful if you supported the work of building the Portiuncula Chapel with a generous financial contribution.

Your support of the Portiuncula will make it possible for the sons and daughters of the Church to grow in faith during their retreats, and become the courageous Catholic leaders the world desperately needs.

Today, I want to challenge you to become a partner in the Portiuncula's mission to build the Portiuncula Chapel by donating $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, or more.



Please, become a part of the Portiuncula Hermitage's work today. Don't let this chance to turn the culture around pass you by.

Pax Et Bonum!

Fra Chris


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Mystic Monk Coffee: Order Through Portiuncula And Donate To Birthright (a loving alternative to Abortion)

Fra Chris

Please remember that when you buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Portiuncula Hermitage, ten percent of all their commission sales is donated to Birthright (a loving alternative to abortion.)

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming

Mystic Monk Coffee is roasted by the Carmelite Monks, a Roman Catholic monastery in the silence and solitude of the Rocky Mountains of northern Wyoming. The monks live a hidden life of prayer and contemplation in the pursuit of God. The monastery is inundated with young men who seek to leave everything to pray for the world, in a tradition at least a thousand years old. It is the monks’ great joy and privilege to share the fruit of their life with you in every cup of Mystic Monk Coffee.

The Monk Master Roaster

Br. Java is the master roaster who meticulously roasts beans in small batches. His philosophy is that each roast must be not only the labor of his hands, but a master roast of the highest quality. Br. Java is passionate about obtaining the perfect roasts for you. He carefully roasts only the finest gourmet beans under conditions that will make each roast consistent and smooth with a taste that will make your taste buds tingle. With experience and perfection, Mystic Monk Coffee is a coffee to savor and enjoy – with or without cream.

The Legend of the First Mystic Monk

Coffee is a product perfected and loved by monks from its beginning. When a monk of old heard the anguished tale of a shepherd who had sleepless goats, he himself discovered growing on shrubs the berries, which had such a wonderful affect. Delighted at his find, the ingenious monk boiled the beans in water and drank the resulting coffee. He found in his discovery a hot drink that could keep his eyes awake even amidst the midnight vigils and unceasing prayers of the monastic life.

The secret of coffee continues to keep monks ever alert and vigilant for their prayers, but now Mystic Monk Coffee shares the hidden, master roasts of monks with all who seek a delightful cup of coffee.

Monks are passionate Perfectionists

The monastic life is one of ordered perfection, which you will taste in every bag of Mystic Monk Coffee. Passionate about perfection, no challenge is too great for Br. Java and the monks, if it will result in a Mystic Monk brew suited for the most discriminating coffee drinker. The Carmelite monks have mastered the ancient art of roasting coffee, laboring with steadfast determination to make each cup of coffee simply superb. Taste the monastic perfection in each brew, which makes all the difference.

Please remember that when you buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Portiuncula Hermitage, ten percent of all their commission sales is donated to Birthright (a loving alternative to abortion.)

Please remember to keep our pre-born in your daily prayers!

To order direct, simply click on the Mystic Monk Coffee Icon on the Right Side of this page:

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obamacare: ACORN on Steroids!

This will give anyone who desires to know what is in the Bill, the opportunity to
read it during the time between now and the Fall, when the Senate indicates the vote
will be taken. At least this will give anyone who wants to read it
an understanding of what it contains. We may discover just why there was an
attempt to rush it through to a vote, even with Congress not reading it. Be aware
AGAINST!! Be sure they are representing YOUR interests, whatever those interests
might be.

Below are a few 'flagged' statements of interest, sent along by my classmate in Med School.


Want to know what's in the proposed health care bill? Someone who, unlike
the president and the members of Congress, actually READ the bill put together this
list of concerns. The comments and emphases are the author's.

Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self

Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC bill - THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what
treatments/benefits you get

Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the HC bill - YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!

Pg 42 of HC Bill - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your HC Benefits
for you. You have no choice!

PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill - HC will be provided to ALL non US citizens,
illegal or otherwise

Pg 58HC Bill - Govt will have real-time access 2 individs finances & a National
ID Healthcard will be issued!

Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Govt will have direct access to you banks
accountsts for electronic funds transfer

PG 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in
unions & community orgs (ACORN).

Pg 72 Lines 8-14 Govt is creating an HC Exchange to bring private HC plans under
Govt control.

PG 84 Sec 203 HC bill - Govt mandates ALL benefit packages for private health
care plans in the Exchange

PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs for of Benefit Levels for Plans = The Govt will
ration your Healthcare!

PG 91 Lines 4-7 HC Bill - Govt mandates linguistic appropropriate services.
Example - Translationfor illegal aliens

Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps to
sign up individuals for Govt HC plan

PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs of Benefit Levels for Plans. #AARP members - your
Health care WILL be rationed

PG 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill - Medicaid Eligible Individuals will be automatically
enrolled in Medicaid. No choice

pg 124 lines 24-25 HC No company can sue GOVT on price fixing. No "judicial
review" against Govt Monopoly

pg 127 Lines 1-16 HC Bill - Doctors/ #AMA - The Govt will tell YOU what you can

Pg 145 Line 15-17 An Employer MUST automatiocally enroll employees into pubic
option plan. NO CHOICE

Pg 126 Lines 22-25 Employers MUST pay for health care for part time employees
AND their families.

Pg 149 Lines 16-24 ANY Employer with payroll of 400k & above who does not provide
public option. pays 8% tax on all payroll

pg 150 Lines 9-13 Business payroll between 251k & 400k who doesn't provide public
option pays 2-6% tax on all payroll

Pg 167 Lines 18-23 ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable health
care according to Govt will be taxed 2.5% of income

Pg 170 Lines 1-3 HC Bill Any NON-RESIDENT Alien is exempt from individual taxes.
(Americans will pay for their health care)

Pg 195 HC Bill -officers & employees of health care Administration (GOVT) will
have access to ALL Americans financial/personal records

PG 203 Line 14-15 HC - "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated
as tax" Yes, it says that

Pg 239 Line 14-24 HC Bill Govt will reduce physician services for Medicaid.
Seniors, low income, poor affected

Pg 241 Line 6-8 HC Bill - Doctors, doesn't matter what specialty you have,
you'll all be paid the same

PG 253 Line 10-18 Govt sets value of Dr's time, professional judgment, etc.
Literally value of humans.

PG 265 Sec 1131 Govt mandates & controls productivity for private health
care industries

PG 268 Sec 1141 Fed Govt regulates rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs

welcome to rationing!

Page 280 Sec 1151 The Govt will penalize hospitals for what Govt deems
preventable readmissions.

Pg 298 Lines 9-11 Drs, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a
re-admission-Govt will penalize you.

Pg 317 L 13-20 PROHIBITION on ownership/investment. Govt tells Drs. what/how much
they can own.

Pg 317-318 lines 21-25,1-3 PROHIBITION on expansion- Govt is mandating hospitals
cannot expand

pg 321 2-13 Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input
required. Can u say ACORN?!!

Pg335 L 16-25 Pg 336-339 - Govt mandates establishment of outcome based
measures. Health care the way they want. Rationing

Pg 341 Lines 3-9 Govt has authority to disqualify Medicare Adv. Plans, HMOs,
etc. Forcing people into Govt plan

Pg 354 Sec 1177 - Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs people!

Pg 379 Sec 1191 Govt creates more bureaucracy - Telehealth Advisory Committee.
Can you say health care by phone?

PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior
Citizens end of life

Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable
powers of attorney. Mandatory!

PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides approved list of end of life
resources, guiding you in death

PG 427 Lines 15-24 Govt mandates program for orders for end of life. The Govt
has a say in how your life ends

Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An "adv. care planning consult" will be used frequently as
patients health deteriorates

PG 429 Lines 10-12 "adv. care consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life
plans. AN ORDER from GOV

Pg 429 Lines 13-25 - The govt will specify which Doctors can write an end of life

PG 430 Lines 11-15 The Govt will decide what level of treatment u will have at
end of life

Pg 469 - Community Based Home Medical Services=Non profit orgs. Hello, ACORN
Medical Svcs here!!?

Page 472 Lines 14-17 PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. 1 monthly payment to a
community-based org. Like ACORN?

PG 489 Sec 1308 The Govt will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they
will insert Govt into your marriage

Pg 494-498 Govt will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating,
rationing those services

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Saturday, August 15, 2009



In sanctuaries, other celebrations are held frequently which may not be aimed per se at specifically asking God for graces of healing, but in which, in the intentions of the organizers and participants, the obtaining of healing has an important part. With this purpose in mind, both liturgical and non-liturgical services are held: liturgical celebrations (such as exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Benediction) and non-liturgical expressions of popular piety encouraged by the Church (such as the solemn recitation of the Rosary). These celebrations are legitimate, as long as their authentic sense is not altered. For example, one could not place on the primary level the desire to obtain the healing of the sick, in a way which might cause Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to lose its specific finality, which is to «bring the faithful to recognize in the Eucharist the wonderful presence of Christ and to invite them to a spiritual union with him, a union which finds its culmination in sacramental Communion.»(26)

The «charism of healing» is not attributable to a specific class of faithful. It is quite clear that St. Paul, when referring to various charisms in 1 Corinthians 12, does not attribute the gift of «charisms of healing» to a particular group, whether apostles, prophets, teachers, those who govern, or any other. The logic which governs the distribution of such gifts is quite different: «All these are activated by one and the same Spirit, who distributes to each one individually just as the Spirit choses» (1 Cor 12:11). Consequently, in prayer meetings organized for asking for healing, it would be completely arbitrary to attribute a «charism of healing» to any category of participants, for example, to the directors of the group; the only thing to do is to entrust oneself to the free decision of the Holy Spirit, who grants to some a special charism of healing in order to show the power of the grace of the Risen Christ. Yet not even the most intense prayer obtains the healing of all sicknesses. So it is that St. Paul had to learn from the Lord that «my grace is enough for you; my power is made perfect in weakness» (2 Cor 12:9), and that the meaning of the experience of suffering can be that «in my flesh I complete what is lacking in Christ's afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church» (Col 1:24).

The Sovereign Pontiff John Paul II, at the Audience granted to the undersigned Cardinal Prefect, approved the present Instruction, adopted in Ordinary Session of this Congregation, and ordered its publication.

Rome, from the Offices of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, September 14, 2000, the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross.

+ Joseph Card. RATZINGER

+ Tarcisio BERTONE, S.D.B. Archbishop Emeritus of Vercelli


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Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pope John Paul II praying at St. Mary of the Portiuncula in Assisi

Toward the Mother of Jesus, St. Francis was filled with inexpressible love, because it was she who made the Lord of Majesty our brother. He composed and sang special Praises to her, poured out prayers to her, offered her his affections, so many and so great that the tongue of man cannot recount them. But what delights us most, he made her the advocate of the Order and placed under her wings the sons he was about to leave that she might cherish them and protect them to the end.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Voice of the Innocents "Healing of the Heart" Conference

Saturday, October 24,
East Central High School
St. Leon, Indiana

Voice of the Innocents, Inc., invites you to a conference on

"Healing of the Heart"
* Exposing the lies that bind us
* Breaking destructive soul ties
* Finding freedom from false judgments
* Healing from rejection and abuse
* Restoring lost innocence
* Living in the Father's love and blessing

Doors open at 7:30 a.m.


Deacon Ralph Poyo

Fr. Gregory Bramlage

Condensed Schedule of the Day:

* Why Are We Afraid to Walk in Faith by Deacon Ralph Poyo
* Holy Mass
* Recovering Your Stolen Identity by Fr. Gregory Bramlage
* Restoring Lost Innocence by Deacon Ralph Poyo
* Laying on of Hands
* Eucharistic Procession
* Miracle Hour

Call (812) 623-8007 for more information.

To download a full brochure/registration form, visit


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask today to forgive everyone in my life. I know that You will give me strength to forgive and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself and want my happiness more than I desire it for myself.

Lord Jesus, I want to be free from the feelings of resentment, bitterness, and unforgiveness toward You for the times I thought You sent death, hardships, financial difficulties, punishments and sickness into our family.

Lord, I forgive myself for my sins, faults and failings. For all that is truly bad in myself or all that I think is bad, I do forgive myself. For any delvings in the occult; Ouija boards, horoscopes, seances, fortune telling, lucky charms, Reiki, for taking Your name in vain, for not worshiping You, for hurting my parents, for getting drunk, for taking dope, for sins against my purity, for adultery, for abortion, for stealing, for lying. I am truly forgiving myself today. Thank you, Lord, for Your grace at this moment.

I truly forgive my mother. I forgive her for all the times she hurt me, resented me, was angry with me and for all the times she punished me. I forgive her for the times she preferred my brothers and sisters to me. I forgive her for the times she told me I was dumb, ugly, stupid, the worst of the children or that I cost the family a lot of money. For the times she told me I was unwanted, an accident, a mistake or not what she expected, I forgive her.

I forgive my father. I forgive him for any nonsupport, any lack of love, affection or attention. I forgive him for any lack of time, for not giving me his companionship, for his drinking or arguing and fighting with my mother or the other children. For his severe punishments, for desertion, for being away from home, for divorcing my mother or for any running around, I do forgive him.

Lord, I extend forgiveness to my sisters and brothers. I forgive those who rejected me, lied about me, hated me, resented me, and competed for my parents' love, those who hurt me, who physically harmed me. For those who were too severe on me, punished me or made my life unpleasant in any way, I do forgive them.

Lord, I forgive my spouse for lack of love, affection, consideration, support, attention, communications, for faults, failings, weaknesses and those other acts or words that hurt or disturb me.

Jesus, I forgive my children for their lack of respect, obedience, love, attention, support, warmth, understanding, their bad habits, falling away from the church and bad actions which disturb me.

My God, I forgive my in-laws, mother, father, son or daughter-in-law and other relatives by marriage. For their lack of love, words of criticism, thoughts, actions or omissions that injure and cause pain, I do forgive them.

Please help me to forgive my relatives, my grandmother and grandfather who may have interfered in our family, been possessive or my parents, who may have caused confusion or turned one parent against the other.

Jesus, help me to forgive my co-workers who are disagreeable or make life miserable for me. For those who push their work off on me, gossip about me, won't cooperate with me, try to take my job, I do forgive them.

My neighbors need to be forgiven, Lord. For all their noise, letting their property run down, not tying up their dogs who run through my yard, not taking in their trashcans, being prejudiced and running down the neighborhood, I do forgive them.

I now forgive my clergyman, my congregation and my church for all their lack of support, pettiness, bad sermons, lack of friendliness, not affirming me as they should, not providing me with inspiration, for not using me in a key position, for not inviting me to serve in a major capacity and for any other hurt they have inflicted. I do forgive them today.

Lord, I forgive all professional people who have hurt me in any way: doctors, lawyers, policemen, hospital workers, for the things that they did to me, I truly forgive them today.

Lord, I forgive my employer for not paying me enough money, for not appreciating my work, for being unkind and unreasonable with me, for being angry or unfriendly, for not promoting me and for not complimenting me on my work.

Lord, I forgive my schoolteachers and instructors of the past, as well as the present. For those who punished me, humiliated me, insulted me, treated me unjustly, made fun of me, called me dumb or stupid, made me stay after school.

Lord, I forgive my friends who have let me down, lost contact with me, do not support me, were not available when I needed help, borrowed money and did not return it, gossiped about me.

Lord Jesus, I especially pray for the grace of forgiveness for that one person in life who has hurt me the most. I ask to forgive anyone who I consider my greatest enemy; the one who is the hardest to forgive or the one who I said I would never forgive.

Thank You, Jesus, that I am free of the evil of unforgiveness. Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with light and let every dark area of my mind be enlightened.


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Saint Clare Feast Day

St. Clare's Tunic and Mantle found in Assisi

Saint Clare was born in Assisi in 1193. She followed her fellow citizen, Saint Francis, in a life of poverty and became mother and foundress of an order of nuns. She led a life that was austere, yet rich in works of charity and piety. She died in 1253.

God of mercy,
you inspired Saint Clare with the love of poverty.
By the help of her prayers
may we follow Christ in poverty of spirit

and come to the joyful vision of your glory
in the kingdom of heaven.

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,

who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,

one God, for ever and ever.



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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mike Pence 2012

Saturday, August 08, 2009

ACORN Thugs Snap Fingers And Police Jump!


This is the end of America!

ObamaCare - ACORN Intimidates and Controls People (and the Police) at a Health Care Meeting

No free speech for these people who want to have conversations with other people at this health care meeting.

Watch ACORN intimidate and control this ObamaCare protest meeting. ACORN even control the police, having them remove people from speaking with people who disagreed with Obamacare.

And these are the people who are going to conduct our 2010 census.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Let Your Nose Hit The Dirt!

Recently I was asked, “How do you become a good Franciscan?” I replied, “It's simple, the same way you become a good Catholic...let your nose hit the dirt!”

Humility is said to be the guardian of all virtues, and some believe the most lacking virtue in the Church today. In his letters, St. Paul tells us that it is only through humility and a contrite heart that we can dare to come face-to- face with our living God. The arrogant He will destroy! Yet many of us continue destroying ourselves through our selfish arrogance and pride. Polls show that more and more people today view God and religion as irrelevant, disingenuous, and tiresome. Of grave concern to the Catholic Church is that many of its clerics and religious are now beginning to share these same views with the public (and in public), placing themselves in direct opposition to the teachings of the pope, bishops, priests and Magisterium. Some Catholic Theologians even tout the modern-day disciplines as being far more superior to the archaic early Doctors of the Church (most notably St. Thomas Aquinas), primarily due to our new, modernistic, open-minded approach. They have stamped the early church Fathers as obsolete and therefore irrelevant. Where is the humility here? St. Francis warned us in his letter to St. Anthony, “I am pleased that you are teaching sacred theology to the brothers, so long as this kind of study, as our Rule has it, does not extinguish the spirit of prayer and devotion.”

Francis maintained constant vigilance in his pursuit of perfect humility, understanding that it is the singular virtue by which we learn to know our true selves. Only through the knowledge of his own sinful nature was Francis able to see himself as he really was before God; a vile and worthless sinner. The Psalmist begs “Can we be anything else before the awesomeness of our God?” We are what we are in God's eyes, and nothing more! It is this self-realization that tore a hole large enough in Francis' heart to allow God to pour His graces into him. This is how God brought St. Francis down low enough to care for lepers and sinners, to openly confess his faults in his sermons to the people, and to prefer insults and injury to vain and worthless praise and glory!

Society's quarrels lie not with the Church nor it's people, rather it's with what the Church represents: God! People simply don't want God telling us how we are to think, believe, and especially not how to behave. It's been this way since Adam and Eve and remains so today as we continue reaching up to pull that fruit off the tree and devour it! In imitation of water, human nature continues to follow the path of least resistance.

So how do we find humility so that we too can open ourselves up to receiving God's love and mercy? For those who are unfamiliar with the Admonitions of St. Francis, they are twenty-eight observances or words of advice used as a model for the followers of St. Francis to imitate. Studying and observing these sublime exhortations will teach us how to achieve holy humility while still here on earth. They teach us how to “let your nose hit the dirt!”.

Pax Et Bonum!


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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Prayer For Our Nation's Health Care Reform


Holy Family Catholic Church
22 Pope Avenue

Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Lord Jesus, you are the Divine Physician,
And the source of all life and health.

Guide our nation at this critical moment,
As our government seeks health care reform.

Give our elected officials the humility to know
That they are servants, not masters.
Give them the wisdom to realize
That every life is of equal value.

Give them the strength to resist the idea

That some lives can be sacrificed to save others

Or that killing the unborn is a part of health care.

Give your people the courage to speak up
And to hold public officials
Accountable for their actions.

Save us, Lord Jesus, from a culture of death,

And let every reform in our public policy
Be based on the reform of our hearts and minds

In the light of your Gospel,

For you are Lord forever and ever.



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