Friday, February 19, 2010

Dan Coats Says Thank You For 14,193 Signatures!


Your hard work collecting signatures has been an inspiration to
Marsha and me, and we are grateful to you.

Today we filed 14,193 signatures with the Secretary of State.
This absolutely could not have been done without the active
support and hard work of hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

In order to be on the ballot we had to collect and get
signatures from at least 500 registered voters from each of
Indiana's nine congressional districts.

You gathered 14,193 certified petition signatures --
significantly more than any other candidate.

Congressional District Breakdown:

#1: 1,470

#2: 1,302

#3: 1,469

#4: 1,040

#5: 1,290

#6: 1,387

#7: 1,878

#8: 1,534

#9: 2,823

We will build on the momentum this process has generated
by continuing to travel every corner of the state to
listen to Hoosiers at the grassroots who are fed up and
alarmed by what they see going on in Washington. Hoosiers
are demanding true representation of their views on jobs,
national security, runaway federal spending and the extreme
liberal Washington agenda that has been shoved down our

Together we will win on May 4th and November 2nd!

Thank you,
Dan Coats

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