Monday, March 08, 2010

Coats Continues to Show Calm Command of Issues

Saturday morning, U.S. Senate candidate Dan Coats
joined four other Republicans vying for their
party's nomination at a forum in Warsaw, Indiana.
As Coats' opponents attacked each other throughout
the event, he remained calm and focused on issues
important to Hoosiers during this critical period
in our history.

Fox News' Steve Brown: "Through it all...Coats kept
his cool. He talked about his faith. He talked about
freedom. He talked about eliminating federal
'earmarks'. He talked about abolishing the US
Department of Education. All met with approval of
the Tea Partiers gathered." Brown added,
"Afterwards...Coats told Fox News he was ready to
talk to Hoosiers anywhere in the state...and that
includes Tea Party folks."
(Fox News, Facing the Tea Party, 3/6/10)

Journal Gazette's Angela Mapes Turner: "A calm
Coats...told the crowd he believes his time
serving in the Army, in Congress and as an
ambassador - all during times of war - sets him
apart. Most importantly, he said, the GOP needs
to be united in its efforts. 'It's never wrong
to say no to a bad idea,' he said. 'We have to come
forward with constructive solutions.'"
(Journal Gazette,
GOP Hopefuls Ramp Up Rhetoric in Debate, 3/7/10)

"A pattern has emerged in Dan's appearances before
voters - a clear command of the issues facing our
Nation today. On the economy, jobs, health care and
national security - Dan Coats is the one candidate
able to channel our frustrations into plans for
action and the ability to implement common-sense
Hoosier values to fix our Nation's problems from
Day One," said press secretary Pete Seat.

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