Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Notre Shame University Still Confused Over Abortion

Is Notre Dame University Still Confused 
Over the Politics of Abortion?

by Micah Clark
American Family Association of Indiana

Even though the US Conference of Catholic
Bishops was very clear in their opposition
to the health care legislation bill due to
its abortion funding provisions, it's clear
that this message didn't seem to have much
of an impact with the former president of
Notre Dame University.

A report in the Los Angeles Times praising
the influence of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
tells of her calling Father Theodore Hesburgh,
former president of Notre Dame. The Speaker
was not calling for spiritual guidance, but
political help for the pro-abortion
legislation. She asked Hesburgh to call
Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly, a Democrat
from South Bend who allegedly had concerns
over the abortion issue. The reporter
observing the call and the Speaker's clout
does not report on the ND president's response,
but notes that Donnelly supported the bill over
the objections of pro-life and Catholic groups.

A year after Notre Dame was criticized for
hosting President Obama, the Speaker of the
House hundreds of miles away, knew so well
where the past President of ND stood politically,
that she had no hesitation in calling him and
asking him to ignore the teachings of his church
in order to do a political power play with a
local legislator. This news story does not
reflect well upon the moral teachings of the
Indiana college if its past president doesn't
even place them above politics.

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