Friday, April 09, 2010

Howey: Time Running Out To Catch Dan Coats

In a post on Howey Politics Indiana, Brian Howey
said, "For a statewide candidate to drive up
name identification in order to credibly deliver
a message that could help win an election, even
a primary, the price tag is somewhere in the $1
million range to purchase 3,000 to 4,000 gross
rating points, sans the Chicago broadcast TV
market. "For that reason, with less than a month
to go before the Republican U.S. Senate primary,
the window is quickly closing on candidates not
named Dan Coats...
"There have been some interesting shifts among
Coats' four opponents. Hostettler and State
Sen. Marvin Stutzman are now talking about their
own experience as opposed to restating their
earlier anti-incumbency lines... "The Coats
campaign responded [to Hostetter's YouTube video]
by noting that Coats has a 90 percent American
Conservative Union mark, compared to 89.35 for

As for a vote cited by Hostettler as being a
pro-abortion vote, the campaign noted that Coats
supported a bill that prohibited the Peace Corps
from using development assistance funds for
abortions or involuntary sterilizations.
Thirty-six of the 44 Senate Republicans at the
time voted for the measure.

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