Friday, April 09, 2010

Send Dan Coats To U.S. Senate

Senator Dan Coats with Chris Dickson

This morning, Justice John Paul Stevens announced
his plans to retire from the United States Supreme
Court in just a few months giving President Obama
another opportunity to place a liberal activist
judge atop our judiciary system. As Americans,
our personal freedoms are under assault. With an
extreme liberal Democrat President and large
Democrat majorities in the House and Senate, one
of our only lines of defense is the Supreme Court.
If Democrats get their way and elect Congressman
Brad Ellsworth in November, there will be fewer
and fewer justices in the mold of Hoosier John
Roberts and Samuel Alito, whom Dan shepherded
through the confirmation process. Instead, we
will get more liberal ideologues when we need
justices that adhere to the intentions of our
Founding Fathers and don't view the Constitution
as a 'living document' that can be altered to
push their radical agenda.

Help send Dan Coats to the United States Senate
to support nominees for the Supreme Court

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