Sunday, August 01, 2010

No Matter Where We Go, We Have Already Arrived Before We Got Started

Going my way?

When I was younger, I was a great God seeker. But there was so often something selfish about the seeker in me. There was a lot of looking for God so that I could be filled. Now I know that it is God who is the Seeker. And whether we stay out in the open or hide from Him, He will find us. And once He has found us, it makes no difference where we go because we take Him with us.

That is why those of us who were with Francis from the beginning always started walking before we knew where we were going. we weren't journeying to find something or someone; the Lord had already found us, and we were journeying for Him, not to Him. That made all our goings free and all our comings homecomings. Like Jesus we had a sense of being, sent by the Father. No matter where we went, we had already arrived before we got started.

Fra Junipero


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