Sunday, March 20, 2011

Palladium-Item: In Memoriam

In Loving 
Memory of My
Dumb, Stupid, Smelly the Dog
2-31-00 to 2-31-05

Faithful Flea Bag
Dumpster Diver

I know you sit up there in Dog Heaven all day long waiting for the Palladium-Item to be delivered to your heavenly doorstep just sos you can see if someone has done writ something about yew! Some folks call me dumb and ignernt for thinking the Pal-Item gets delivered to you every day there in heaven, but hey, wots knew about that? Dahyuk!

Everyone wants to no wot I done did with your doggy-bone collection. I tell their envious hides that I done give it away to the Wayne County Museum to grand up and make fertilizer wif it.

Ya'll keep checkin back every time the Palladium gets delivered to you their in heavin cuz I will continue righting this dumb, stupid mindless crap cuz this is the only way for my po little ole hillbilly self to see my name in print...

Pa Kettle

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