Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Do So With Such Devotion That You Make Others Devout

Francis burned with a love that came from his whole being for the Sacrament of the Lord's Body, and he was carried away with wonder at the loving condescension and the most condescending love shown there... He frequently received Holy Communion and he did so with such devotion that he made others also devout. Showing toward that Sacrament deserving of all reverence all the reverence he could, he offered a sacrifice to all his members; and receiving the Lamb that was offered, he immolated his own spirit with the fire that burned always upon the altar of his heart.

Saint Francis of Assisi
Celano, Second Life
Chapter CLII


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

St. Antony of the Desert's Advice

St. Antony of the Desert
251-356 A.D.

To all who came to St. Antony of the Desert he always had this advice: to trust in the Lord, and love Him, to keep themselves from bad thoughts and bodily pleasures, and not to be led astray by the feasting of the stomach, (as it is written in Proverbs), to flee vainglory, to pray always, to sing psalms before sleeping and after, to repeat by heart the commandments of the Scriptures and to remember the deeds of the Saints, that by their example the soul may train itself under the guidance of the Commandments.

Saint Antony of the Desert
The Teacher of Monks


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Mystic Monk Coffee: Order Through the Portiuncula and Donate to Birthright (a Loving Alternative to Abortion)

"Guess who hasn't had their cup of Mystic Monk Coffee yet this morning!"

Fra Chris

The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming

Mystic Monk Coffee is roasted by the Carmelite Monks, a Roman Catholic monastery in the silence and solitude of the Rocky Mountains of northern Wyoming. The monks live a hidden life of prayer and contemplation in the pursuit of God. The monastery is inundated with young men who seek to leave everything to pray for the world, in a tradition at least a thousand years old. It is the monks’ great joy and privilege to share the fruit of their life with you in every cup of Mystic Monk Coffee.

The Monk Master Roaster

Br. Java is the master roaster who meticulously roasts beans in small batches. His philosophy is that each roast must be not only the labor of his hands, but a master roast of the highest quality. Br. Java is passionate about obtaining the perfect roasts for you. He carefully roasts only the finest gourmet beans under conditions that will make each roast consistent and smooth with a taste that will make your taste buds tingle. With experience and perfection, Mystic Monk Coffee is a coffee to savor and enjoy – with or without cream.

The Legend of the First Mystic Monk

Coffee is a product perfected and loved by monks from its beginning. When a monk of old heard the anguished tale of a shepherd who had sleepless goats, he himself discovered growing on shrubs the berries, which had such a wonderful affect. Delighted at his find, the ingenious monk boiled the beans in water and drank the resulting coffee. He found in his discovery a hot drink that could keep his eyes awake even amidst the midnight vigils and unceasing prayers of the monastic life.

The secret of coffee continues to keep monks ever alert and vigilant for their prayers, but now Mystic Monk Coffee shares the hidden, master roasts of monks with all who seek a delightful cup of coffee.

Monks are passionate Perfectionists

The monastic life is one of ordered perfection, which you will taste in every bag of Mystic Monk Coffee. Passionate about perfection, no challenge is too great for Br. Java and the monks, if it will result in a Mystic Monk brew suited for the most discriminating coffee drinker. The Carmelite monks have mastered the ancient art of roasting coffee, laboring with steadfast determination to make each cup of coffee simply superb. Taste the monastic perfection in each brew, which makes all the difference.

Please remember that when you buy Mystic Monk Coffee through the Portiuncula Hermitage, ten percent of all their commission sales is donated to Birthright (a loving alternative to abortion.)

Please remember to keep our pre-born in your daily prayers!

To order direct, simply click on the Bag of Mystic Monk Coffee on the Top of this page:


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Friday, April 08, 2011

Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR, Retires as Chancellor of FUS !!!

 "Well done, good and faithful servant"...

Father Mike, chancellor for 11 years after 26 years as president of Franciscan University, will retire to the Sacred Heart Province motherhouse in Loretto, Pennsylvania, effective June 30, 2011.

Message from Father Mike

"The Lord has given me countless blessings through my years of service at Franciscan University, It has been a remarkable privilege and deep joy to work with so many committed Christian faculty, staff, administrators, and donors in the vitally important ministry of Catholic higher education. While I will miss the daily relationships with our joy-filled students, alumni, and conference-goers on campus and my many friends in the local community, I know that this new phase of my life is also under God’s providential care and I look forward to seeing what he has next for me."

Message from Father Terence Henry, TOR, President of Franciscan University

"We are deeply grateful to Father Mike for all he has done for the renewal of Franciscan University, the renewal of Catholic higher education, and the renewal of the worldwide Church. Father Mike heeded those same words that were spoken to St. Francis of Assisi over 800 years ago, 'Go and rebuild my Church.' And he did so by transforming Franciscan University into an internationally recognized Catholic university,"

Message from Father Christian Oravec, TOR, minister provincial, Province of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, chairman, Board of Trustees

“On behalf of the province and the trustees, I extend our sincere gratitude to Father Michael for his tireless service as chancellor and president. If anyone deserves to enjoy a peaceful retirement, it is Father Michael, and we wish him all the best.”

Message from Most Reverend R. Daniel Conlon, bishop of Steubenville

"It is hard to imagine Steubenville without Father Michael Scanlan. His role as president and later chancellor of Franciscan University has left an indelible mark on that institution. He has been a champion of civil rights and the common good in the larger community. As the bishop of the local diocese, I am also aware of and grateful for the pastoral care Father Michael has offered many people over the years, especially those involved in the charismatic renewal. I invite all the people of the Diocese of Steubenville to give thanks to God for this faithful servant and to ask blessings upon him."

The impact of Father Mike

In 1956, Father Scanlan graduated from Harvard Law School. He then served as Staff Judge Advocate in the U.S. Air Force before discerning a call to religious life and entering the Franciscan Third Order Regular in 1957. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1964. After serving his religious order in various assignments including rector of St. Francis Seminary in Loretto, he accepted the office of president at the College of Steubenville, Ohio, in 1974.
Father Scanlan assumed the presidency in the midst of turbulent times, transforming Franciscan over the next 26 years from a small Catholic regional college struggling to keep its doors open into a world-renowned leader in Catholic higher education.

Under Father Scanlan’s leadership, the University’s theology professors became the first at any Catholic college or university in the nation to publicly pledge an Oath of Fidelity to the magisterium.

Franciscan University gained international attention during his tenure for its fidelity to the Catholic Church, integration of faith and reason in academic and residence life programs, and its commitment to excellence in education.
Father Scanlan led the development of the largest undergraduate Theology Program of any U.S. Catholic university and the founding of a Human Life Studies Minor, the only academic program of its kind in the U.S., which trains students to articulate the value of human life from conception to natural death. 

Enrollment grew from 1,000 students in the early 1970s to over 2,100 undergraduate and graduate students in 2000, when he turned over the presidency to Father Terence Henry, TOR. 

Father Scanlan also founded Catholic summer conference programs for adults and teens in 1975 with a national Catholic charismatic conference for priests and deacons. Today, Franciscan’s summer conferences reach over 40,000 people annually with the good news of authentic Catholic renewal and the New Evangelization.

Father Scanlan is the author of over 16 books and booklets, including Let the Fire Fall and What Does God Want? As a sought-after conference, pilgrimage, and retreat leader, he has reached out to hundreds of thousands of Catholics and other Christians in North America, South America, Europe, and Africa.
In October 2009 Franciscan University held a celebration marking Father Scanlan's 50th anniversary as a professed Franciscan. The event included a conference, a Mass of thanksgiving, and a gala reception and dinner, all hosted by Father Henry. 

The occasion prompted hundreds of congratulatory messages, many from bishops, cardinals, and other Church leaders. Cardinal Francis George, OMI, of Chicago, wrote, “When Father Scanlan became the president of what was then known as the College of Steubenville in 1974, it was hardly known outside of the state of Ohio. Now, as Franciscan University, it is known throughout the nation as a place where the Catholic faith is taught in an academically inquisitive and rigorous way, but always true to the magisterium of the Church.” 

Proceeds from the celebration benefited the Father Michael Scanlan Scholarship Fund, which provides tuition assistance to students and is one of 
Father Scanlan's many legacies. 

In the coming weeks, Father Scanlan will be honored for his distinguished service to the University at the Senior Farewell Mass, a faculty and staff gathering, the Priests, Deacons, and Seminarians Conference, the Catholic Charismatic Conference, and other public events. 

Father Henry said it is “impossible” to calculate the thousands of lives transformed and souls brought closer to Christ because of Father Scanlan's decades of service. 

"Franciscan University's mission springs from the heart of the Church, which has borne so much fruit from Father Michael's endeavors. This fruit can be seen in our graduates who serve the Church in so many outstanding apostolates, in family life, as priests and religious, in business, healthcare, and in their churches and communities." 


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